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The instagramer ’72 kilos’ redefines the traditional diary with ‘A book with you’

"72 kilos" proposes to its readers "jump into the void" with "A book with you"

“72 kilos” proposes to its readers “jump into the void” with “A book with you”

The cartoonist Óscar Alonso, known on social networks as ’72 kilos’ has left half-written ‘A book with you’, a work in which his followers will find “a place” to tell how they feel and to be able to spend “a few minutes drawing and coloring”, a “very healing, liberating and prospective task”.

According to this Bilbao-born, who chose his pseudonym after a bet with his friends to lose from 92 to 72 kilos in 2008, ‘A book with you’ (Plan B) is an interactive work “a little different” already. that in this proposal your readers will be able to enter their “inner world, what they think, what they like, what they don’t”. “I do not know if this will be the panacea, but having a place to tell how you feel and spend a few minutes drawing and coloring is a very healing, liberating and prospective task, and that power we all have and it is not necessary to know how to write or draw well, just have some time to yourself, “he says.

It’s a conversation, a mirror“, he points out about this work whose germ is in” a conversation “with his psychologist in which he discovered that asking for his help has been” all a very positive surprise “since with him he discovered what it was like to tell a person their problems and see how could they be solved.

But with this book, Alonso does not intend to occupy the chair of a psychologist, but the help of this professional has wanted to transfer her to his world. “That is what I think the book offers, he is not a psychologist, but it is like a diary in which you are counting things Likewise, you won’t read them for another 10 years, but if you put them down, articulate how you feel will help you unravel something, know which people you care about, the people who are with you, “explains this publicist.

A proposition made by the cartoonist and author of other books such as ‘Things that matter’, who recognizes that it is “difficult” because it is a book to which you have to dedicate time since It is a “kind of leap into the void” in which the reader has to tell a book “very personal things” that perhaps he has never told.

And as an extra, what the author also proposes is that readers to send you some of the exercises or have them sent to you through their social networks so that I can “follow” them. “I think it is a system that will work, it will be very rich for everyone,” he says. Hence the title, ‘A book with you’ because “the person who is going to put the soul is another” and the book will be complete only when the other person not only reads it, but writes and draws their feelings on it.

With the usual pastel colors that illuminate your vignettesAlonso already has four books to his credit, but it is in social networks where this illustrator has positioned himself as one of the most followed and posted every day since he has almost two million followers only on Instagram. A sample of how social networks have made known authors who, otherwise, would not have had a chance. Authors that your readers have recognized and have led to the top sales positions.

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