Friday, June 18

The interim staff must pass an exam to remain in the bags

The future of the temporary staff that makes up the job boards is complicated, although a part may stay at least two more years in the new boards as long as they can prove having an approved exam. The new Public Function Law, which came into force yesterday, after being published in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat (DOG), introduces important changes regarding the requirements for the incorporation of temporary personnel to job boards linked to job offers. public employment, in such a way that only those who have passed at least one of the tests of a selection process will be able to remain in them.

The future of temporary staff integrated into job banks (a gateway to the Generalitat when there are no hands) has been one of the most controversial issues of this law, although the debate that has most transcended has been the one related to the implementation of the language requirement.

But, apart from this issue, which monopolized the media interest and political negotiation, another of the hot spots in the kitchen of the law was the one related to the constitution of the job boards.

The Minister of Justice, Gabriela Bravo, ready to clean up the temporary job boards and restrict their access to those applicants who had at least passed an exam, maintained a tug of war with part of the union representation. The text that finally reached the Courts sanctioned that change in philosophy and put an end to the situation protected by the old 2010 law that allowed an interim person to remain in the bags simply by taking the exam.

However, the law that came out of the Ministry has been qualified in the Cortes with the incorporation of a transitory one, according to which “during the period of two years from the entry into force of this law, they may register in the linked job exchanges to the development of the public employment offers provided for in article 18.6 of this law who have passed at least some of the tests in the last selection process or the immediately preceding one ”. That is, the provision saves for two years the members of the stock exchanges that end up declining due to the constitution of new ones as a result of an opposition. However, only those that show that they took the internal test and at least passed an exam. Those who did not do so lose their right to continue on that waiting list unless they pass a new process.

Doubts from the unions

The transitional introduced is not exactly what some unions such as UGT and CSIF expected. The new regulation also raises doubts about the additional bags, that is, it is not clear if old bags could be used if the new ones run out. The question of the bags is not trivial and goes beyond the future of those affected.

At a time like the current one, where the Generalitat needs many hands to fill vacant places, it could have problems since many bags are sold out. The new regulation ends free exchanges in the sense that alternative access routes will also require passing at least some knowledge test.

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