Monday, August 8

The International Handball Federation changes the rule on the women’s beach uniform after an intense debate

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Norwegian handball team

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The Norwegian women’s beach handball team that was fined for not wearing bikini bottoms as required by regulation.

This weekend it was known that the International Handball Federation (IFH, for its acronym in English) has changed the regulations on clothing for women in beach competition.

Now, in rule number 4 on “Equipment, substitutions and uniform”, it can be read: “The uniform of the women’s team consists of a tight-fitting tank top, tight shorts and permitted accessories.”

The decision is a consequence of what happened in the middle of this year when the European Handball Federation was in the sports headlines for a decision that had nothing to do with sport: they had fined the Norwegian women’s beach handball team for not using a bikini as the bottom of the uniform, as stated in the official regulations.

The athletes had come out to play a match of the European tournament dressed in shorts or short, very similar to that used by men in the same sport.

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