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The intrahistory of a chaotic journey

Tomás González-MartínTomás González-Martín



Unfortunately, the Real Madrid expedition had been waiting for it, since it received the call from the League to fly to Pamplona on Friday, the day before the game. The snowfall was expected and the closure disaster at Barajas airport confirmed the worst omens. This is the intrahistory of a trip to Pamplona that was supposed to last an hour and which has become an adventure that today will take the white club to Malaga without returning to the capital of Spain, with unexpected goodbyes to the family as if the team were flying to the Club World Cup dispute to another continent.

Seven days of travel, which can be eleven if it qualifies for the final of the Super Cup

The Madrid expedition has not left the Iberian Peninsula, but the flight that started on Friday, “Kidnapped” on the plane during four hours because of the storm, as an angry professional of the entity stated, it will become a seven-day journey, because the Madrid team was not clear about their return to Madrid this Monday and decided to go directly to Malaga, where on Thursday they will face Athletic in the Spanish Super Cup. Yesterday, the expedition of the current champion lived its third night at the Alma de Pamplona hotel.


Everyone has a culprit, but along with the mistakes made there is a first culprit, the weather, which has generated a great logistical problem for the clubs to play this weekend. Real Madrid accuses to the League of facts, because when seeing what was happening in Barajas, the flight had to be prevented and the wait of several hours inside the plane had to be avoided. But the premise of televisions and the money they pay imposed their law. The Spanish football association responds that it does not organize the trips and the affected club could have taken off several hours before to Pamplona.

Real Madrid emphasizes that all this accumulation of events affected the team’s performance. He felt sportingly impaired. Zidane explained for this reason that yesterday they did not play a football match and hinted that their dispute should have been prevented.

With that latent indignation, Real Madrid went to work yesterday to rule out the return to the capital and organize the trip to Malaga, the choice of the hotel (the Miramar) and the field where to be able to train today and tomorrow. It was not easy, because you had to cancel and change more than fifty plane tickets and also get fifty rooms in the Andalusian city, in addition to finding a field to train while complying with the Covid protocols, a fact that makes each operation difficult.

Zizou will fly today with twenty-two footballers to Malaga. Jovic will join the next hours and missing to know if Carvajal will be in conditions to compete on Thursday against Athletic. Real Madrid defends the title won in Saudi Arabia. If he surpasses the rojiblancos, on Sunday he will attack the final at La Cartuja in Seville against the winner of the other semi-final, which will face Real Sociedad and Barcelona on Wednesday.

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