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The intrahistory of Nacho Cano and his project for a 29-meter Aztec pyramid for the Madrid neighborhood of Hortaleza | Madrid

Image of the pyramid that the artist Nacho Cano wants to build in the Madrid neighborhood of Hortaleza.
Image of the pyramid that the artist Nacho Cano wants to build in the Madrid neighborhood of Hortaleza.The country

– Well, let’s see if we can figure out what he’s going to do [el músico, productor y empresario] Nacho Cano in Hortaleza.

At 22.50 on Wednesday, the councilor of Más Madrid Miguel Montejo announced a political information bomb at the City Hall of the capital. The mayor was in the monthly plenary session of the District Board of the Hortaleza neighborhood, about nine kilometers from Puerta del Sol. “It was the last question. Just before I go home ”, he remembers this Thursday by phone. And suddenly, the following happened:

“I already know some of the things that Nacho Cano is going to do,” he said. “7,000 square meters is what the theater will occupy. It will have an Aztec pyramid 29 meters high and will have nine floors ”. The district councilors froze at what they were hearing. Montejo stopped them in their tracks: “This is not a joke, eh?” And he continued: “There will be a car park with 400 spaces. They will also occupy 2,500 square meters of a green area that for some reason is not priced in. But of course, Nacho Cano’s project, which is a private musical, named Malinche and it will last four continuous years … well, I don’t know if it is the best public project for the neighborhood. What are we going to call this?

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The question was addressed to Alberto Serrano, Councilor for Citizens, who presided over the plenary session and is part of the government with the PP in the City Council of the capital. For two minutes, Serrano explained the following to the rest of the councilors in a relaxed tone. He said that nine months ago Nacho Cano’s environment contacted him, because they wanted to meet him. That the artist invited him to his house. What it was: “I was surprised that he was short, but he looked like Nacho Cano,” he said. “You, who are you?” Asked a man as he entered. “Come on,” they told him. And suddenly, three or four people appeared in a room: lawyers, artists … “What they told me is that Nacho is coming to lose money. He has been with this project for more than 10 years and is very excited. It will bring together great composers. The project looked very good. The idea was to project it on different continents in a row. They told me that they are also going to put Mexican food and my contribution is that they put Extremadura ham … and they thought it was good ”. When he finished, he said: “And I’m telling you, Nacho Cano came to me, but I’m more of Rosendo.”

Nine hours after the plenary session, the digital newspaper published more details with more data and photos, to which this newspaper has also had access. The musician and member of the now defunct Mecano group will build an immense Aztec pyramid on municipal land located on Avenida de Machupichu, two kilometers from the Ifema fairgrounds. Here he intends to raise a musical show dedicated to Hernán Cortes, the Spanish conqueror of Mexico. The surface, according to sources from the City Council, will occupy an area of ​​10,000 square meters. And the budget, as detailed by the neighborhood newspaper, will cost 11.4 million euros. The theater will be called Malinche, in honor of the indigenous woman who accompanied Hernán Cortés from Extremadura during his conquest of the Aztec empire. The works will last for nine months.

The news has fallen like a bomb in the municipal corporation. According to sources from the Urban Planning Area, it is a provisional use authorization for a maximum of four years, as established by law. The producer, they say, will have to pay a fee to the Town Hall, which is the owner of the plot, of 450,000 euros per year. “After four years, the authorization will end and it will be delivered again to the City Council in the same conditions in which the authorization was produced,” they emphasize.

The artist Nacho Cano presents Isabel Díaz Ayuso with the great Dos de Mayo cross after she decorated him at the Community headquarters.
The artist Nacho Cano presents Isabel Díaz Ayuso with the great Dos de Mayo cross after she decorated him at the Community headquarters. “For being such a good president, you deserve the medal,” he told her. Andrea Comas

“The City Council of Almeida”, says the councilor of Más Madrid Miguel Montejo, “has dedicated itself to renting public land to friends of the PP”. The relationship between the artist and the PP in Madrid is not new. Last New Year’s Eve he played at Puerta del Sol alone to pay tribute to the victims of covid-19. The mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, then pointed out that it had no cost to the City Council’s coffers. Five months later, President Isabel Díaz Ayuso awarded him in the central building of Puerta del Sol the great Dos de Mayo cross, one of the most important distinctions in the region. On the spot, and during a television broadcast controlled by the president’s team, Cano took off his medal and said: “People who vote for Podemos, Vox, everywhere, they have told me, ‘if you see the president , two words: thank you and brave. ‘ For being such a good president, you deserve the medal ”. The regional elections were two days away. Three months later, in August, the president spent a few days off at the artist’s house in Ibiza.

To undertake this project, the musician has created a new society in Spain. It is called Malinche The Musical Spain SL, with its registered office at Calle de Fernando el Santo in Madrid, according to the commercial register. In addition to Cano, who is the main administrator, the company has three more: Alfonso Pereda Calvo, Pablo Alarcón Espinosa and David Hatchwell. Hatchwell was one of the entrepreneurs who convinced American mogul Sheldon Adelson to install the failed Eurovegas project in the region back in 2013.

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