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the intrahistory of Ximo Puig’s ‘announcement’ about Janssen vaccines




“Ximo Puig announces that the Valencian Community will receive two million doses of the Janssen vaccine between April and September.” With this headline and a photo of the President of the Generalitat together with the main executives of the pharmaceutical firm in Spain, the Government released this Tuesday with all the media and through all its official channels the “informative” meeting between Ximo Puig and the representatives of Janssen.

The Generalitat Valenciana maintains a close relationship with the pharmaceutical, with which in the previous legislature it signed agreements for the supply of drugs against hepatitis C. Now, the regional government and the company “will work together on projects to fight cancer or multiple sclerosis, which will be funded by European funds.”

The official agenda of the Valencian president overlapped with the exclusive ABC Regarding the negotiations initiated by the Government of the Community of Madrid to test the possibility of acquiring doses of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V when you receive the go-ahead from the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

The PSOE, with its Secretary General and President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, at the head, harshly criticized the contacts made unilaterally by the Executive of Isabel Diaz Ayuso with the intermediaries of the Sputnik V vaccine on the same day that Ximo Puig, who last March opened the debate on the need for the Russian remedy, received the Janssen leadership in Spain at the Palau de la Generalitat.

For Ximo Puig, “comparisons are odious, and in this case more.” The president of the Generalitat Valenciana has been forced to clarify that his Government “neither negotiates nor buys vaccines on its own” and maintains the commitment to the “unified acquisition” of doses by the European Union in the midst of a barrage of criticism. Among them, those of the former coordinator and spokesperson for Citizens in the Valencian Courts. Toni Cantó, now integrated in the list of the Popular Party for the Madrid regional elections, which addressed the PSOE with a “you have no shame”, understanding that the Socialists were criticizing Ayuso for his contacts with Sputnik V and they turned a blind eye to those of Puig and Janssen.

Actually, as it happened days ago with AstraZeneca, the Valencian president was looking for a photo and a headline, in his opinion, of “interest to the population.” According to Puig, “it is logical that those responsible for executing the vaccination plan have the maximum information.”

Janssen’s forecasts and Puig’s calculator

In this regard, the directors of Janssen They explained their forecast of supplying 200 million doses of their vaccine to the European Union until September. The rest of the ad is explained with the calculator. A Spain, has specified Ximo Puig this Wednesday, will correspond to ten percent and the Valencian Community the same percentage. In total, the two million single-dose vaccines announced with great fanfare by the Generalitat Valenciana.

According to the latest data provided by the Ministry of Health with information at the end of April 5, in the Valencian Community only 262,861 people out of a population of five million inhabitants have received the complete schedule of the vaccine of the Covid-19 and, consequently, they are immunized against the coronavirus. According to the same sources, the Generalitat has inoculated 76 percent of the doses received.

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