Friday, May 27

The investigation into the death of private Vanessa Guillén for which 14 commanders of the US Army were fired.

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Vanessa Guillen held the rank of Private First Class in the US Armed Forces in Texas.

When Private Vanessa Guillén disappeared without a trace last April, the Fort Hood base was for many Americans just another military installation in Texas.

However, the discovery of Guillén’s corpse and a subsequent investigation have uncovered a reality of physical and sexual abuse, murders, suicides and harassment that have been taking place at that base for years.

Following the investigation carried out by the Army and the US Congress, this Tuesday the dismissal or suspension of 14 military commanders, including two generals (Scott Efflandt and Jeffery Broadwater), was made public.

In announcing the results of the investigation, Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy acknowledged that Guillén’s assassination “shocked our conscience and called attention to deeper issues” at Fort Hood and in the US Armed Forces.

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