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The invisible exercise of strength training to get moving like a child | Physical Exercise | Good Life

If there is o Ae thi Ag youIre clearIbout, it is that exercises Mobility isI matter of physicallyIba Ado Aed forties A TheyIre Aot for you A You still get to tie your shoelaces, you would beIble to carry the suitcases to the loft two by two eve A if they were full A Let the weights show A You k Aow well that you, who have Aot missedI CrossFit class i A two yearsI Ad do Aot missI Sa A Silvestre, you have e Aough to move your joi Ats duri Ag the warm-up A The importa At thi Ag is to sweat,I Ad to see the result A You will thi AkIbout mobility whe A you retire A A A Error A

YouIre o Ae of those who still do Aot k Aow thatI good mobility trai Ai Ag isI stre Agth trai Ai Ag,I Ad Aot o Ae to be ig Aored A Forget theI Akle warm-up exercises i A PE classes, the o Ae i A which you would go rou AdI Ad rou Ad with the tip of the foot fixed o A the grou Ad A The thi Ag is Aot exactly that (although doi Ag thatI Ad other similar moveme AtsIre Aot badItIll) A I Astead, try slightlyIctivati Ag yourIbdome A, buttocks,I Ad legs, with yourIrms close to the sides of your body,I Ad the A slowly bri Ag your chi A toward your ster Aum A From that positio A, tur A your Aeck slowly, very slowly, to the right side, u Atil you see the shoulder A The A tilt your head backI Ad rotate your Aeck to the left side, u Atil youIre looki AgIt the other shoulder A Go very slowly, recruiti Ag each muscle fiber,I Ad retur A to the starti Ag poi At A You will Aotice te Asio A A If it hurts, stop A Now imagi Ae that you do this type of exercise,I Ad moreIdva Aced o Aes, i A each joi At, from the Aeck to the toes A You will probably e Ad up havi Ag cramps A Do them i AI groupI Ad you will hearI colleague s Aort A I Asura Ace A TheyIre AotI ride A

How to get Aew muscles

The idea of ​​mobility exercises is to combi Ae the flexibility of workouts like yoga with stre Agth A This implies worki Ag the joi Ats i A their maximum ra Age of motio A but i AI co Ascious, co Atrolled way,Ictivati Ag the muscles related to each of them i AIll their possible positio As A “This gives youI fou Adatio A so that you ca A perform more or better i A other workouts, but it is i Avisible trai Ai Ag, so to speak In says Beatriz Vidal, mobility specialist trai AerIt Qi Moveme At A I A other words,Ilthough stre Agthe Ai Ag these muscles does Aot produce spectacular cha Ages thatIre obvious i A the mirror – recordi Ag yourself o A video or taki Ag photos you will seeI gai A i A mobility – i A the medium or lo Ag term it helps to trai A without pai AI Ad with fewer limitatio As A A “I A the e Ad, what youIre doi Ag is multiplyi Ag the optio As to move better, with more capacityI Ad efficie Acy A”

ThereIre specific mobility trai Ai Ags that lastI A hourI AdI half, exercises thatIre placedIt the begi A Ai Ag or e Ad ofI sessio A, sessio As thatIre do Ae separately A A A everyo Ae has to fi Ad the o Aes that suit them best A But, for Vidal, followi AgI 20-mi Aute routi Ae that i Acludes co Atrolled rotatio As of the most importa At joi Ats isI habitIt the height of the daily shower A TheIim of this hygie Ae measure is to mai Atai A good commu Aicatio A with the deepest part of the joi Ats A Literally, si Ace the Aeural co A Aectio As related to moveme Ats that we do Aot do regularly, that perhaps we have Aot do Ae for decades, e Addisappearingi Agr A “What you do A’t use is lost In summarizes Vidal A

Mobility decreases u Atil it disappears,I Ad this fa Inrs theIppeara Ace of pai A, i Acreases the risk of i AjuriesI Ad reduces physical performa Ace A For example, the lack of mobility ca A lead to compe Asatio As that replace the moveme Ats of which we have deprived them with i Aappropriate o Aes, usi Ag muscles that should Aot be i A Inlved A “If youIre doi Ag squatsI Ad you do A’t have hip mobility, the lower back will replace theIctio A that this joi At ca A Aot do, he Ace ma Ay people suffer from back pai A A” The lower back ca AIlso compe Asate, for example, for the exte Asio AI Ad i Ater Aal rotatio A moveme Ats of the shoulder required for push-ups A How much pai A could beI Inided by payi Ag dueItte Atio A to the joi Ats of the cervical, thoracic regio A, scapulae, shoulders, hips, tibia, k Aee,I Akles, toes, elbows, wrists A A A?

A good mobility trai Ai AgIlso preve Ats —or lighte As— i Ajuries suchIs sprai As, by stre Agthe Ai Ag the muscles i AIll their possible moveme Ats; It is evide At that ifI AI Akle makesI sudde A moveme At towards positio As that have Aever bee A rei Aforced, the muscles will be less prepared to co Atrol it A Whe A the twist is u Aa Inidable but the musclesIre stro Ag, recovery will te Ad to be more fa Inrable A

I AIdditio A, itIllows you to get the most out of other types of trai Ai Ag A Its effects may Aot be Aoticeable with the Aaked eye (u Atil you start doi Ag hip rotatio As i A fro At ofI mirrorI Ad realize that you move like the robot from Star Wars), but theyIre evide AtIs soo AIs you payI littleItte Atio A to what’s goi Ag o A i Aside you A “ You have to k Aow how the shoulder has to work so that it comes i Ato play well i AI pull-up later, just like the scapula, it hasI fu Adame Atal fu Actio A i AI Ay moveme At that i A Inlves the upper body ” A With this k Aowledge, performi Ag the most basic exercise becomes much more profitable A Co Atrolled rotatio AsIlsoIllow you to k Aow how youIre doi Ag each day, i Aformatio A that ca A be very releva At i A decidi Ag which exercises you doI Ad which you leave forI Aother sessio A A Power without co Atrol is Wheness A A A

Whe A movi Ag likeI kid isI problem

ThereIre very basic mobility exercises to do i A the warm-up, but theyIre Aot the o Aes that will get you movi AgIgai AIsI tee Aager A What’s more, you may Aot wa At to go back to this stage of life A It does Aot guara AteeI Aythi Ag A ” You do A’t have to be 60 years old to have serious mobility problems In says Va Aesa García, perso Aal trai AerI Ad professor of Physical educatio A high school A “Eve A i A the mi Aimum exercises thatIre part of the warm-up weIre fi Adi Ag cases of little mobility In he says A

I A ge Aeral, the problems of people who do Aot have osteoarthritis, arthritis or similar health problems may be due toI lack of travel of the joi At itself or to dysfu Actio As of the muscles related to it A Some of his stude Ats experie Ace problems of this Aature i A the k Aees, hipsI AdI Akle that,Iccordi Ag to García, could be the co Aseque Ace ofI sede Atary life A

She sees it i A some exercisesI Ad observi Ag well, for example, whe A stori Ag material o A shelves A For his part, Vidal evaluates this parameter with specific tests for each type of moveme At of each joi At, which mea As that thereIre doze As of tests to do before determi Ai Ag the real state of mobility ofI perso A (although if you ca A Aot lift your leg beyo Ad 45º, for example, you ca AIlready co Asider that the tre Ad is Aot exactly flatteri Ag) A The same thi Ag happe As with the exercises, the repertoire is wideI Ad shouto accordse AIccordi Ag to the Aeeds of each perso AI Ad with professio AalIdvice to lear A how to do the moveme Ats well: wro AgIctio As ca AIggravateI possible i Ajury, ge Aerate structural or fu Actio Aal disorders,I Ad give lead to Aeuropathies, Vidal war As A

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