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The irregular 2020 leaves films as juicy and appetizing as they are scarce

2020 has been an irregular year in all respects, but Billboard has continued to give films as juicy and appetizing as they are scarce, ranging from the laughs of ‘Father there is only one 2: the arrival of the mother-in-law’, to the spectacular ‘Wonder Woman 1984’.

Also unpredictable jewels, like the short film ‘The human voice’, by Pedro Almodóvar, and joyful experiments, such as the (long) documentary that is seen in a sigh ‘The year of discovery’, or hits shot, as expected ‘Tenet’, de Christopher Nolan.

These are the essential films of 2020:

‘Tenet’, Christopher Nolan

Of the few blockbusters released in this pandemic year, it grossed more than $ 360 million worldwide, and was seen as a symbol of the move to theaters last summer. However, Warner’s recent decision to launch simultaneously on platforms from now on and throughout the next year represents a reversal of that strategy.

Beyond its commercial impact, ‘Tenet’ is a 100% Nolan film, which play with time relativity again and the reverse narrative flows this time in spy movie form, with John David Washington (‘The KKKlan Leader’) trying to stop a hecatomb with the help of Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki.

‘There is only one father: the arrival of the mother-in-law’, Santiago Segura

After confinement due to the pandemic, Santiago Segura decided to take the risk of bringing to theaters the sequel to his family comedy ‘Father there is no more than one 2: the arrival of the mother-in-law’, with the incorporation of the cast, led by himself Segura, by Loles León, while the other premieres were postponed for fear of the lack of public.

Once again, the ‘magician’ of the Torrente saga was right and his film was number one for several weeks, accumulating thirteen million euros of collection, on a budget of 4 million, and was seen by about two and a half million viewers .

‘The human voice’, Pedro Almodóvar

It is Pedro Almodóvar’s first film in English and the first short to be released in large-scale cinemas. Starring Tilda Swinton, ‘The Human Voice’ is loosely inspired by the same Cocteau monologue that was at the origin of ‘Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown’ and in ‘The Law of Desire’, a text that alludes to one of his favorite subjects, the abandoned woman on the edge of the abyss.

Involuntary metaphor of confinement, the story takes place inside an apartment where a woman watches the hours go by next to her ex-lover’s suitcases (who will come to pick them up, but never arrives) and a restless dog who does not understand that his master has abandoned him.

‘Rosa’s wedding’, Icíar Bollaín

Icíar Bollaín has managed with his latest film, ‘Rosa’s wedding’, to convince the public, who has gone to the cinema to see her despite the pandemic, achieving almost a million euros in revenue with half capacity, and is among the favorites of the film awards, sweeping the nominations of the Forqué and the Feroz.

Bollaín wanted to do a comedy in which to talk about serious things, like self-esteem, but from humor and joy, and she got ‘Rosa’s wedding’, the odyssey of a mature woman who begins a new life overcoming the wishes of others, and who decides to “marry” herself to promise each other respect, love and loyalty, with a stunning Candela Peña in the title role.

‘Martin Eden’, Pietro Marcello

Just hitting the bill, the Italian adaptation of Jack London’s most autobiographical novel won last year at the Seville Festival and grabbed the top nominations from the Film Awards European.

Directed by Pietro Marcello, ‘Martin Eden’ (1909) is a romantic and political drama about a boy (Luca Marinelli) without resources or training, who discovers culture through a wealthy Neapolitan family at the same time that he falls in love with his daughter and decides to become a writer to be at her height and win her over. The story contains a critique of individualism

‘Mank’, David Fincher

David Fincher pays tribute to classic Hollywood with this black and white film that explores the history of how ‘Citizen Kane’, one of the great masterpieces in film history, was made, focusing on the initial creator of the script, Herman Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman).

Produced by Netflix, ‘Mank’ is an ode to the creative process, with its lights and shadows, and although it is located in the 1930s Hollywood tackles topical issues such as abuses by large studios and information manipulation.

‘Corpus Christie’, Jan Komasa

From Poland came one of the finalists to the Oscar for best film foreign which, due to the circumstances of the pandemic, delayed its premiere in Spain until the last quarter of the year.

Directed by Jan Komasa, the film proposes a reflection on faith and the lack of opportunities through a boy with a violent past – a superb performance by Bartosz Bielenia – who escapes from the reformatory and pretends to be a priest, unexpectedly changing the life of the inhabitants of the small town in which it is camouflaged.

‘The year of discovery’, Luis López Carrasco

Luis López Carrasco recovers from oblivion an event buried in the collective memory, such as the workers’ revolts in Murcia in 1992, and with this he manages to rethink his view of recent Spanish history, beyond the fireworks of the Expo and the Olympics of that same year.

‘The year of discovery’ is a 200-minute diptych, built with testimonies of what the working class was and what remains of it, and that analyzes the consequences of the traumatic process of industrial reconversion that defined the economic model of today’s Spain.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’, Patty Jenkins

The Christmas locomotive is called ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, the first ‘blockbuster’ in months to appear in Spanish theaters, with Gal Gadot more impressive than ever in the leading role, in an adventure that surpasses the previous one in spectacularity and that it does not disappoint the followers, despite the two and a half hours of footage.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’, continuation of the first DC superhero movie of 2017 -which broke audience records at the box office and is the first to have its own saga-, takes a great leap into the future until landing in the 80s, where it will have to face two new enemies: Max Lord (Pedro Pascal) and Cheetah (Kristen Wiig), fortunately supported by her boyfriend (Chris Pine).

‘That which you give me’, Jordi Évole and Ramón Lara

The journalist Jordi Évole surprised everyone at the last Malaga Film Festival with his documentary ‘That you give me’, an impressive interview he had with Pau Donés, Jarabe de Palo’s alma mater, fifteen days before his death from cancer. a conversation that the singer himself had asked for and that moved the audience by its authenticity and emotion.

On the tape, it was shot in the house of Donés of the Val d’Aran And it is titled the same as his last song, the singer tells Évole without filters how he faces the last stage of his life, putting forward the joy of living, and the great importance of enjoying until the last moment, with a thread of voice and a huge smile.

‘You shall not kill’, David Victori

Although in recent times Mario Casas He has starred in thrillers such as ‘Adiós’, ‘Hogar’ or ‘El practitioner’, the film ‘You will not kill’, David Victori’s first work, has marked a before and after in the career of the Galician.

Converted into Dani, a good boy who has dedicated himself to taking care of his sick father and who after his death tries to resume his life, Casas has recognized that he has “opened up” to play this character, increasingly burdened by the Domino effect of a poorly made decision that ties him to a disturbing, sensual and unstable woman he meets by chance.

‘Up to the sky’, Daniel Calparsoro

Daniel Calparsoro adds to the end of the year billboard a magnificent action thriller with clear social nuances and two intense love stories, to which he adds moments of reflection while hypnotizing with spectacular scenes shot in a dark and uneven Madrid, of impoverished neighborhoods and corrupt and bombastic circles.

Miguel Herrán leads the cast of this film that follows the rise of a boy from the suburbs to become a partner of an important black market boss; In love with a girl close to him, the young man ends up in a spiral of black money, shady deals and corrupt lawyers that gets complicated when he marries the boss’s daughter.

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