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The IRS would extend the date to file taxes until mid-May

The IRS would extend the date to file taxes until mid-May

About 7 million taxpayers are experiencing delays in their tax refunds.

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would be planning extend the deadline for filing taxes for one more month allowing you to have additional time to pay any tax that you have pending, as reported by various sources from the federal agency.

As of noon on Wednesday the IRS has yet to make a public statement, but sites like the newspaper The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and the agency Bloomberg they have pointed out that the new deadline to file your taxes could be extended until mid-May.

Tax filing season began on February 12 and would end on April 15 with the exception of Texans and neighboring states that were affected by the winter storms. who were granted a two-month extension by the IRS to file their return.

The change of the tax season deadline to May occurs as the IRS is facing delays in processing nearly 24 million returns from individuals and businesses that come from the 2019 tax year.

Figures released by the federal agency indicate that about 7 million taxpayers are experiencing delays in their tax refunds as the IRS began distributing the third stimulus check to millions of Americans this weekend.

The American Institute of Public Accountants had previously requested that the filing and payment deadline for fiscal year 2020 be extended until June 15, while the House of Representatives Committee on Means and Arbitrators had already prepared a request before the IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig to extend the tax filing season after the April 15 date.

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A report presented at the beginning of this year indicated that the IRS was having problems in updating its computer systems and a lack of personnel that, added to the responsibility of delivering the stimulus check of the coronavirus support packages, was originated delays.

In January, the IRS filed a two-week delay when it began processing tax returns on February 12.

An additional responsibility

The $ 1.9 Billion American Rescue Plan in addition to issuing a new stimulus check will allow a tax exemption for millions of workers who received unemployment benefits last year after they were laid off or their income decreased as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Before this new law if you have received unemployment benefits you will not have to pay taxes up to the first $ 10,200 you received in benefits in 2020 and $ 20,400 for married couples.

To find out what stage of the process is your tax refund you can use the tool “Where is my refundā€¯Through the IRS website or download the mobile application called IRS2go.

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