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The Italian Prosecutor’s Office asks for six years in prison for Berlusconi for his ‘bunga bunga’ parties

The Italian Public Prosecutor has requested this Wednesday during his final argument in a Milan court six years in prison for the former prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, for bribery and witness tampering of some of the people who attended his ‘bunga bunga’ parties, in which minors would have participated.

This process is one of those that make up what is known as case ‘Ruby ter’, alluding to the nickname by which the young Moroccan woman who attended these parties was known, Karima el Mahroug, who is believed that along with other women who swarmed through these bacchanals was younger.

The prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano has requested, in addition to his entry into prison for six years, to seize assets worth 10.8 million euros. For their part, for El Mahroug, accused of perjury and forgery of documents, they have requested five years in prison and the confiscation of another 5 million euros.

The other prosecutor in the case, Luca Gaglio, explained that Berlusconi “decided to pay for the silence and lies” of both El Mahroug and the other guests who attended the ‘bunga bunga’ parties in his villa in Arcore, in northern Italy.

These girls were assured that they would be fine both in terms of income, with a monthly fee of 2,500 euros, and accommodation“, Gaglio has told, reports the newspaper ‘La Estampa’. Some statements that match the versions of some witnesses during the trial, who recognized that Berlusconi behaved like a “father” and among other things, he paid them a flat.

third trial

This trial is the third that Berlusconi has had to face after the scandal broke in 2010 after being accused of child abuse and prostitution, a case in which he was acquitted due to lack of evidence.

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The case that concerns him at the moment investigates whether ‘Il Cavaliere’ – as he was known – pressured and bribed the guests, including these young women, of those parties to avoid charges of prostitution of minors.

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During the trial, the prosecutor Siciliano accused Berlusconi of treating the women who attended his famous parties as “sex slaves”, where they also held “medieval” practices in which there was “serious violence”.

During the process, Siciliano has lamented that eight years have passed without really purging responsibilities for these parties, the result of judicial comings and goings that have ended up being “unnecessarily delaying tools.” In the current process there are almost thirty defendants.

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