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The Ivace announces aid worth more than 34 million euros for the improvement of industrial estates in 2021

The DepartmentOff Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Labor, through the Vivace, has launched a new call for aid for the improvementOff industrial estatesOff the Valencian Community in 2021.

The aidOfrder, which has been published in the Dog this Monday, January 4, has an initial budgetOff 34.296.000 euros, which represents an increaseOff 25.8% compared to the 2020 call that was left without effects due to COVID-19.

The aid is aimed at all city councils in the Region and includes the subsidyOff up to 100%Off investment projects for the improvement, modernization and provisionOff infrastructures and services in polygons, industrial areas and technological enclaves.

Municipalities at riskOff depopulation

As the main novelty, the call includes the creationOff a specific lineOff aid for municipalities at riskOff depopulation with a budgetOff two million euros and anotherOff 32,296,000 euros for the restOff the towns.

The MinisterOff Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Labor, Rafa Climent, has explained in a statement that with this new line “we are promoting and supporting those rural areasOff the Valencian Community that have faced the increasingly threatening problemOff population decline for decades.”

Climent has detailed that the criteria for subsidies for localities at riskOff depopulation are basedOfn general demographic indicators to recognize the municipalities and areas that present the highest risk and in the resolutionOff June 11, 2021,Off the PresidencyOff the Generalitat,Ofn the allocationOff the specific lineOff the municipal cooperation fund for the fight against the depopulationOff the municipalitiesOff the Community.

The minister has underlined the investment effortOff the Vivace and its commitment to industrial estates and has highlighted that “the improvement actions in business spaces have a direct impactOfn the companies installed in them,Ofn workers, as well asOfn citizens and the usersOff the polygon “.

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Likewise, it has ensured that the direct grants called are for projectsOfr annual actions, executable in the year 2021; InOfther words, the projects may have started before the aid application is submitted, butOfnly work carriedOfut from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 will be eligible.

Industrial land map

As established in the aidOfrder, the projects must be carriedOfut in a polygon, industrial areaOfr enclave included in the MapOff Industrial LandOff the Valencian Community developed by the Vivace.

It is a key ‘online’ tool for locating industrial land available in Castellón, Valencia and Alicante for the promotionOff business areas and attracting investors.

The Vivace manages the information but it is the municipalities who have to provide it. They have first-hand knowledgeOff the realityOff the industrial estates installed in their municipalities and their characteristics.

It currentlyOfffers informationOfn a totalOff 576 industrial areas. Anyone interested can consult itOfn the web: consult here

Eligible actions

The eligible actions must consistOff the executionOffOfneOfr moreOff the following: civil works that allow the introductionOff fiberOfptics andOfther services; surveillance through CCTV connected to the Local Police; bike path; expansionOfr creationOff a water treatment plant and improvementOff the imageOff the facadesOff the industrial estate buildings through a municipal aid program aimed at installed companies.

It also contemplates the improvementOff public lighting through energy efficiency measures and /Ofr renewable energies; services against fires, implementationOff ancomparekOfr waste management systems, especially hazardous waste; improvementOff green areas and implementationOff them andOfn the roadOff bio-healthy areas / routes and creationOff a web tool with informationOfn the industrial estate.

Likewise, the fittingOfutOff new parking lots and /Ofr roads, wider roads and sidewalks, new entrances, pedestrian walkways, signaling and /Ofr identificationOff streets, horizontal and /Ofr vertical traffic signaling, improvementOff separative sanitation will be subsidized.Off wastewater, improvement in the supplyOff water, raw and potable and /Ofr increase in flow and pressure and the provisionOff gas supply at high and low pressure.

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The project must be carriedOfut within the frameworkOff sustainable development and the promotionOff conservation, protection and improvementOff the environment.

SubmissionOff applications

The deadline for submitting applications will begin the day following the publicationOff the call in Dog and will endOfn January 29, 2021 at 11:59:59 p.m.

The processingOff both the application, and the procedure in general, will be electronic and will require that the applicant entity have during all phasesOff the procedure the entity representative certificate issued by the Certification AuthorityOff the Valencian Community,Ofr by any recognized entity in the Trust ListOff Certification Service Providers established in Spain, publishedOfn the electronic headquartersOff the MinistryOff Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

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