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The judge again cites David Aganzo for bribery



David Aganzo, president of the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE), will have to declare as investigated on December 1 in the Court of Instruction number 3 of Elche (Alicante) for an alleged crime of bribery. This is the second time the judge has summoned him. The previous one, on June 4, the leader of the main soccer players union did not appear in court.

Aganzo is under investigation for having ordered the collection of 3,000 euros in 2018 to buy confidential information from Futbolistas ON, the rival union, from a Tax Agency official. The judge has also cited the same day as investigated who was his right hand, Diego Rivas, then secretary general of the AFE and current

President of the Mutual Association of Professional Athletes. The manager of Futbolistas ON provided a recording in which Rivas implied that he had this confidential information from the Treasury.

In addition, the magistrate has also cited to Jesús Barbadilla, ‘Jesule’. Former vice president of the AFE, acknowledged having paid the 500 euros they requested, but claimed that he did not know what they were for. When he noticed, he filed a complaint with the Central Unit for Economic and Fiscal Crime (UDEF), along with former members of the board Javier Oliva and Sergio Piña, all of them former professional footballers.

Apart from the statements as investigated, the judge from Elche has summoned the rest of the members of the AFE Board as witnesses, who will have to appear next February. The complainants told the police that Aganzo had told them in the summer of 2018 that the new union Futbolistas ON was “sponsored and financed by the Professional Football League, especially by the president, Javier Tebas,” whom he accused of wanting to “control the estate of professional footballers ». For information to confirm it, Aganzo requested the aforementioned 500 euros from each member of the board of directors that would serve to “kill Soccer Players ON”, according to the complainants. Finally, among the board members who agreed to pay and some AFE employees who joined, the division came to 390 euros per person, although later the association approved to distribute a bonus of 500 euros, which covered exactly the amount initially requested .

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Subsequently, on March 11, 2019, Aganzo summoned several people to a meeting in which Antonio Saiz, director of relations with the affiliates of Second B and Third Division of the AFE, showed a model 347 of the Tax Agency in which it was stated that the Professional Football League had carried out payments to ON Footballers amounting to 423,500 euros. According to the police investigation, Antonio Saiz contacted the legal advisor of the AFE in Elche, Antonio Cañadas, who had a contact in the delegation of the Tax Agency in Elche, the official Francisco García, who is being investigated for selling the information of the Tax Agency.

Aganzo declined to give ABC his version of the facts arguing that before he had to testify before the judge.

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