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The judge concludes that Neurona did not perform all the contracted services and requests an expert




The head of the Court of Instruction number 42 of Madrid, Juan José Escalonilla, has come to the conclusion that Neurona did not provide all the services for which he was hired for 363,000 euros by United We Can for the electoral campaign of April 2019 and has commissioned an expert to be able to quantify the real cost of the works that it does understand that they were credited.

In a car of November 12 to which ABC had access, it analyzes the three parties that had the contract for the provision of services signed in February 2019 and concludes that although the agreement included the hiring of the consultancy «to cover the acts of the electoral campaign “, of the declarations of the Podemos workers” it should be considered incidentally accredited that by Neurona said service was not provided, finally carried out by employees of said political party or third parties hired for this purpose ”.

In this line, point out that sThey only did that coverage when “due to lack of personal means” of Podemos “it was necessary” but as two party witnesses declared, “they went to some event to record it,” but they did not dedicate themselves to that. In this sense, “only five videos appear made by workers hired by Neurona” of a huge battery that the party itself contributed to the judge.

As for the videos for social networks that were also part of the contract, the judge says that 48 were made and of them, “it cannot be considered as proven that it was the Neurona workers who made” the texts or “copies” of those recordings. In addition, 22 of the videos are developed in an application from the templates created by a Podemos worker who is a member of the campaign team, as revealed by the data analyzed by the UDEF. It is the same one that made, as stated, the curtains.

It also consists of the realization of 48 graphic designs by a Neurona worker who, according to a witness, was integrated into the electoral campaign team. It would thus be a service provided by 48 videos –Although not its full production or realization– and many other images for that contract of 363,000 euros.

Therefore, the judge has ruled that two experts analyze the material and quantify its true value, including “the work on the segmentation strategy prior to editing or making the videos and their quantity and quality, the latter aspect also to be taken into account in relation to the designs.”

It establishes that a graphic designer will have to carry out the expertise regarding the 48 images and a video editing and production technician will be in charge of the recordings. Likewise, it will include in its calculation the value of the cost of coverage of the seven electoral events that were attended by Neurona personnel.

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