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The judge imputes six cases of child abuse to a Salesian from Vigo

The detainee, when he arrived at the Cambados courts.

The detainee, when he arrived at the Cambados courts.

The Court of Instruction number 4 of Cambados has concluded the investigation into alleged sexual abuse committed in 2019 by a priest who worked as a religion teacher at the Salesianos de Vigo school. The instructor considers that there are “enough evidence of criminality” Against the Second C., 41 years old, and orders that the preparation procedures for the trial be followed in case the facts constitute six crimes of sexual abuse against minors under sixteen, three of them continued. The judge has ordered the transfer to the Public Prosecutor and, where appropriate, to the private prosecution, so that within ten days they can formulate their indictment documents requesting the opening of the oral trial or the dismissal of the case, without prejudice to the fact that, exceptionally, they may request the practice of additional procedures that they consider essential to carry out their writings.

The suspect allegedly committed the events between July 15 and 23, 2019, during some coexistence that he himself directed and that were organized by the school, through the Abertal association, at the Salesians’ facilities located in Cambados. The judge underlines in the order that “there are indications” that the defendant, “acting in order to satisfy his sexual appetite and to violate the sexual freedom and indemnity of persons under the age of sixteen under his charge”, carried out “libidinous acts consisting of touching the penis and genitals” of the minors. The instructor emphasizes that he took advantage of “a situation of hierarchical superiority, derived from the fact that he was a priest of the juvenile school, a teacher there and director of the youth camp.”

The priest, according to the car, he also abused two minors during a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela organized by the Salesianos de Vigo school in April 2019. One of them was allegedly touched again in the Cambados camp. In June 2019, according to the instructor, the priest allegedly abused a minor who went to the Abertal youth association, dependent on the Salesianos school, to watch the final of the Champions League.

Almost a year in provisional prison

The parents of those affected filed a complaint against the priest at the Vigo police station in July 2019 once one of the minors returned home from the camp and related what had happened. After about six hours of statements by four victims, witnesses and the defendant himself -the last one to testify-, the magistrate of the Court of Instruction 1 of Cambados, acting as a guard, decreed provisional prison communicated and without bail.

In April of last year the Provincial Court agreed to release the 40-year-old priest. The release order, dated April 30, rejected the decision of the court directing the case, Instruction 4 of Cambados, which had ratified the deprivation of liberty measure.

The provincial court understood that there was no longer any risk of flight by the accused or destruction of evidence, since the investigation is almost completed and the entire test has been carried out. Similarly, as a precautionary measure, he imposed a restraining order for those under 500 meters. This fact, and to certify its compliance, the accused decided to move outside the city of Vigo.

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