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The judge imputes the mayor Sandra Sánchez and six teachers for the verbal order of € 186,000 in material for an employment workshop in Torrevieja

The popular councilors of Torrevieja, Sandra Sánchez and Carmen Gómez

The popular councilors of Torrevieja, Sandra Sánchez and Carmen Gómez

The Court of Instruction Number 1 of Torrevieja has called to declare as accused seven teachers and monitors of the Mediterranean Employment Workshop who between 2014 and 2015 participated in the training of student workers and construction of a public park in San Luis. Among the newly investigated, who join the Councilor for Personnel, Contracting and Urban Cleaning, Carmen Gómez (PP), the Councilor for Works and Services, Sandra Sánchez, at that time a teacher of the workshop, must appear with a lawyer.

The investigation proceedings were opened by a complaint from the previous left-wing coalition government team –and in which the PSOE of Torrevieja is now represented– To try to clarify whether the orders for construction material worth more than 180,000 euros for that workshop were made exclusively through phone calls and via WhatsApp, without any contracting procedure, nor minor contracting despite the amount of the orders , in addition to the alleged absence of a project to carry out the works, on some 40,000 square meters. It also investigates the form of hiring student workers, teachers and monitors. The order for supplies by phone and mobile messaging was ratified in statements to the Civil Guard by officials of the supplier companies -which had to claim the amounts of the material through the courts-, once the previous government paralyzed any payment when detecting and report the alleged irregularities.

These new accusations are derived from the appearance of the monitors and teachers before the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Torrevieja as witnesses last January. In these statements, which were carried out as extension procedures, most of the monitors and teachers claim not to know who was in charge of the works or who was responsible for ordering the materials, and they did not see any project either. However, two declarants point to Sandra Sánchez as responsible for the work while the director of the workshop points to the mayor Carmen Gómez.

In his statements to the Civil Guard, Sánchez indicated that he did not know how to contract the works, although he did specify that the people responsible or in charge of receiving the materials were the monitors “in need of the works,” or the workshop management, ” placing orders to the usual companies (sic) in the supplies “. To questions from the researchers, the councilor pointed out that “it was an established plan distributed by materials and each teacher or monitor had established the task to be carried out and there was no proper coordinator as such.” The Civil Guard insisted that she clarify who was the person who gave instructions on the execution and development of works and how to do it and the councilor replied that as “in all employment workshops it was carried out according to the needs of the workshop, and it was not a only one person who would give indications on the execution and development of the works “.

“A total bewilderment”

The director of the workshop, responsible for the training of the 40 student workers and teachers, assures that he did not see the contracts with the suppliers on any occasion, stating that “the person who made and unmade was Councilor Carmen Gómez, becoming a torture for not following order and concert in the works“. The same director maintains that he had to issue multiple reports in the sense that material supply companies “They did not conform to what was established” in the criteria for contracting advertising and free competition. He also added that he was coordinator of training and practices with the teachers but that “it was a total bewilderment, since a certain plan was not followed “and I know”they produced continuous alterations by order of the councilor “ Gómez, who adds to this accusation the investigation of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office for the cleaning crash plan.

He also adds that he was only able to supervise the practical module of the workshop, not the municipal contribution of material, “because there were no contracts “ and it could not be processed. The same declarant maintains that he did not see the project of the works, but assures that it was signed by the brother of the councilor, also hired in the workshop, who has been called to testify in the police proceedings but has not attended and is pending be called to declare as investigated.

For his part, the person who performed the duties of administrative assistant, also charged after his statement, pointed out that he was provided with an application for the management of delivery notes and invoices by the Torrevieja City Council Intervention.

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