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The judge imputes the treasurer and the manager of Podemos in the ‘nanny case’



The head of the Court of Instruction number 46 of Madrid, José María Escribano has charged Daniel Frutos, treasurer of Podemos and the manager of the purple training, Rocío Esther Val, in the so-called Nanny case, which invested if the current Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, used Terésa Arévalo, current adviser to the Ministry headed by Montero, as her daughter’s caregiver during the 2019 electoral campaign.

The magistrate has agreed to hear a statement regarding both members being investigated on July 19 at 10:00 am in the Plaza de Castilla courts, as requested by the Prosecutor’s Office a couple of days ago.

Within the framework of the investigation, you were scheduled to come as witnesses that same day, and finally they will do so as investigated. Since last April 27, the Judge Notary Public has directed anticipated dilegences against Montero and Arévalo, although he only cited the adviser as investigated, since the minister is exhausted before the Supreme Court.

According to sources from Podemos, cited by Europa Press, they assert that “this procedure is yet another set-up to persecute” the purple formation, at the same time that they have denounced that it “is driven by sectors of the ‘patriotic judiciary.”

The case is based on the facts that the former head of Normative Compliance of Podemos Mónica Carmona exposed before the magistrate who instructs the case ‘Neuron‘, where it is investigated whether the relationship between Podemos and the Mexican consultancy that gives its name to the cause was based or not on a simulated contract within the framework of the alleged work carried out for the general elections of April 28, 2019.

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The former head of ‘compliance’ told the judge of ‘Neurona’ in a letter that Montero would have used the adviser of the Ministry of Equality Teresa Arévalo – then an employee of the party who now acts as an Equality adviser – as a caregiver for her daughter during the aforementioned electoral campaign.

The Nanny case is one of the parts of the macro-investigation of the so-called Neurona case, which investigates fraudulent financing and contracting through the Mexican consultancy, Neurona Consulting.

Pending testimony of Carmona and another employee

According to the version provided by Carmona, Arévalo accompanied the candidate Montero and took care of the daughter she has with Pablo Iglesias, on a trip that took place on October 20, 2019 to Alicante, to participate in an electoral act and that Montero left in the care of the girl to the advisor while she intervened in the event.

It is pending that the magistrate calls to take testimony from Carmona and another former employee of the formation, Elena Gonzalez, since he asked the National Police to locate their homes “as soon as possible” so that they could also be summoned as witnesses.

The judge’s decision comes after the Prosecutor’s Office requested that both Podemos workers be summoned as investigated, “given that both in the case of the electoral crime (for expenses for their own benefit paid with electoral money) as in the one of unfair administration » the two were the ones who “ordered the payment” and, therefore, “in their guarantee they must be heard as investigated.”

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In a letter dated June 25, the prosecutor Lorena Alvarez Taboada requested that the declaration of both workers of Podemos be requested for next July 14, the scheduled date for the interrogation of Arévalo, investigated in the case for an alleged crime of unfair administration as a result of the Carmona story, who maintains that Minister Irene Montero He would have used Arévalo – then an employee of Podemos – as a caregiver for his daughter during the 2019 campaign.

In that same letter, the prosecutor showed her opposition to the ex-leader of the ‘purple’ formation and partner of the Minister of Equality Pablo Iglesias being cited as investigated. “We can only oppose”, He specified when considering that of the facts related in the letter sent by Carmona “there is no element that even indirectly proves the participation of Pablo Iglesias in any criminal act, no matter how much Irene Montero’s daughter is, in turn, a daughter.”

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