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The judge imputes to Cospedal in Kitchen




The head of the Central Court of Instruction number 6 of the National Court, Manuel García Castellón, has agreed to cite as investigated by alleged crimes of bribery, embezzlement and influence peddling to the former Secretary General of the PP María Dolores de Cospedal in relation to the Kitchen operation, a police deployment orchestrated between 2013 and 2015 in theory, to steal sensitive documentation from the former treasurer Luis Bárcenas. He calls her on June 29 at ten o’clock in the morning.

The decision was adopted this Wednesday, just a few hours before Cospedal appears in Congress before the Parliamentary Commission that investigates this matter and that had summoned it at three thirty in the afternoon. It also happens that a part of the investigation – that related to the devices intervened in the main confidant of the plot, Bárcenas’ driver, Sergio Ríos – remains under secret.

Besides calling Cospedal, The judge has agreed to summon her husband, businessman Ignacio López del Hierro, on June 30, at ten in the morning and just before summoning José Luis Ortiz Grande, who was the right hand of the former popular leader in the Defense Ministry. All three come as investigated for the same crimes.

The next step will be to listen again to Commissioner Villarejo and former Secretary of State Francisco Martínez, who had been summoned this week but whose summons as defendants was suspended. They are called on July 1, the first, for the references to Mariano Rajoy that he made in parliament and the second, for the findings of his involvement in the secret line and which includes the 13 agendas that were intervened with the commissioner in an operation in October last year and that now nurture the entire cause.

It is from this line that Cospedal’s accusation was born, requested by the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office last September in view of “the constant allusions to his knowledge and participation” in the summary and that the investigator did not then adopt because he considered that it was ” premature “, given that the investigation aimed first at the Ministry of the Interior and that relating to the former Secretary General of the popular was born from” third party references. ”

Now, throughout 16 pages of the order, the judge reviews all the proceedings and findings collected since then and that would justify Cospedal’s summons and highlights two: Bárcenas’ statement behind closed doors and a report from the Internal Affairs Unit on the references to the Kitchen operation in the new agendas Villarejo intervened, which come to complete those that already appeared in the case, dated in the years 2016 and 2017 and that contained references to her and her husband, as well as to the one who was her chief of staff in Defense. The new notes of the curator allow us to locate the origin of Kitchen and are complemented by the version of the former treasurer.

“From the necessary secrecy that the part declared secret deserves, we can advance that the agendas contain apparent references to both,” says the car about Cospedal and López del Hierro. “Thus, it is possible to link María Dolores de Cospedal with the initials ‘MD’ and ‘Cospe’ and her husband with the letters ‘ILH’,” he adds. The Chief of Staff of Cospedal, for his part,
figure as “ORTI” or “JL”

The sequence of agendas

Specifically, there are annotations prior to the Kitchen operation and also later that are consistent with the facts described by Bárcenas in his witness statement last December and that allow, in the words of the judge, “to temporarily place the birth of the Kitchen operation”, which «Begins with an entry from July 11, 2012 in which, together with the initials CHISCO It reads’ 45 minute talk. Plan against LB. Interv Communications, records and summons of woman and child ». Chisco is the nickname of Francisco Martínez, who was then Secretary of State for Security.

«It is at this moment when a chain of annotations is detected that allow to infer the participation of Cospedal and López del Hierro in the recruitment of Sergio Ríos»Says the instructor. He considers that the intervention of both through a trusted police officer of the former popular leader, Andrés Gómez Gordo, “apparently could have been decisive” so that the driver “decided to participate” in the espionage of Bárcenas.

The car reproduces several notes of those days in which Villarejo already reflects, among other things, the “problem due to possible recordings of LB” that would have transferred himo Francisco Martínez or «pending LB driver» in relation to another of the investigated commissioners, Enrique García Castaño, the first who approached the driver to capture him as a confidant.

Throughout that month, Villarejo gave an account of the step by step that was later verified during the investigation: that that confidant, Sergio Ríos, addressed the also commissioner and also accused Andrés Gómez Gordo, who then worked for Cospedal, and him He warned that they had contacted him because he did not trust that first approach. On the same day, the initials of Ignacio López del Hierro appear with a «Sergio contact notice. He is in charge of speaking with Andrés Gordo », another one related to Martínez that reads:« forcing contact with the LB driver »; and one more from Cospedal: “various contacts and possible appointment.”

With whom it does seem that he got to meet was Gómez Gordo himself, whom the police know as “Cospedín.” The judge leaves in writing that this commissioner, who at that time was in special services, had developed his professional career “largely with Cospedal” and Villarejo’s annotations reflect “that closeness” between the two. There is a note that the instructor qualifies as “surprising” from July 19 linked to Gómez Gordo: Wait to receive instruction. to collect discs and record. And everything else”.

It should be remembered that
the loot from the Kitchen,
As evidenced during the investigation, it included not only compromising documents for the party and its leaders but also some audio tracks that were presumed to be in the possession of Bárcenas and that would reveal the participation of high-ranking officials in the Gürtel and other matters.

Previous objective: save the treasurer

Regarding the annotations that implicate those now accused and that are prior to the operation, the judge transcribes a note of April 22, 2012 under an entry referring to the former head of the UDEF, José Luis Olivera, “Which reads ‘they ask for help to save the treasurer'” and the following day, another note on López del Hierro that refers to “Notice helps BARC.”, possibly Luis Bárcenas. One more: on April 24, it is stated what the commissioner wrote about that management: «Brief talk. MD appreciated BARC’s notice, ”the instructor transcribes.

Regarding the statement made by Bárcenas in court, which took place on December 21 and under secret, he was asked about the situation at that time in 2012. “I was concerned that I was not Luis el Cabrón and that the Police made a report, let’s say, alternative to Inspector Morocho’s thesis (the head of the UDEF group investigating the Gürtel) ». He added that at that time, a person he had as an “interlocutor” told him: “They are clear that you are not Luis the Cabrón.”

Villarejo wrote down something about it those days: “There is an interlocutor for interior” and «Alfredo Prada interlocutor of Bárcenas with Interior. Cosp (María Dolores de Cospedal) spoke with Cosidó about the issue ». Neither Prada nor Cosidó have ever been called to the procedure. He also wrote that “Pin (Eugenio Pino, the highest uniformed command of the Police at the time) asks Olivera to fully support Bárcenas” and “Pin ordered (Olivera) to contact Lawyer Bárcenas.”

«Ok meeting with Barc’s lawyer. Willingness. Written LB is not Luis el Cabrón », he noted the next day, it is presumed, after speaking with Olivera,which is listed in the car as “investigated.”

“Is sequence largely coincides with the demonstrations made by Bárcenas and in view of the sequence, it would be necessary to question López del Hierro and Cospedal about their possible intervention in the series of movements recorded in the diaries and that apparently would be aimed at helping Bárcenas, ”says the instructor.

It should be noted that in these notes there also appears an email from the former popular leader, a reference to a meeting between her and her husband with Villarejo on November 22, 2012 and the mobile phone of a certain “Mariví” who appears as Cospedal’s secretary. «It would be necessary to ask Cospedal if she was the one who provided this data to Villarejo and in that case, the reason why she did so».

For the judge, it will also be necessary to ask him about the veracity of another of Villarejo’s notes also from this previous period, in the budding of the operation. «Yes, as the agendas reflect, ‘gave a big anger’ to the Secretary of State for Security on May 23, 2013 and where appropriate, the reason and if it was related to Inspector Morocho and the ‘problems’ derived from his report, “he adds. There are several notes related to that inspector, who already has declared inside and outside the court the pressure you suffered during the investigation de Gürtel and that the result of the Kitchen was not communicated to his unit until two years later, registering loose data in the police bases.

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