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The judge in the case ‘Neurona’ reactivates the investigation of the Solidarity Fund by asking Podemos for more documents



The judge of the case ‘Neurona’, Juan Jose Escalonilla, has asked Podemos to deliver the document approving the request made by a popular association to receive 50,000 euros from the Solidarity Fund of the party, thus reactivating this line of investigation, which it closed but had to reopen by order of the Provincial Court of Madrid.

In an order of March 10, to which Europa Press has had access, the head of the Court of Instruction Number 42 of Madrid has asked Podemos to contribute the agreement of the Coordination Council by which the request formulated by # 404 Popular Communication.

This was one of the allegedly illegal acts mentioned by the former lawyer of Podemos José Manuel Calvente in the complaint he filed in December 2019 against the ‘purple’ formation and from which the ‘Neurona’ case started.

According to Calvente, the Solidarity Fund was created in 2018 at the request of Rafael Mayoral, as secretary of Civil Society and Popular Movement of Podemos, as a “tool” to collaborate with “the popular sectors in a project of joint struggle for social justice”, and would have been used as ‘box b’.

Archived and reopened

The judge investigated this transfer of funds and could not determine that it had occurred, but he did verify that at least three transfers of funds had been made. 10.000 euros to said association and that some of its members are also members of Podemos. However, in an October order, it agreed to close this matter on the grounds that “it is not anomalous or strange that the cash of the Solidarity Fund is destined to foundations or movements close to the party.”

The Provincial Court, in a resolution of February 16 that responded to resources from Vox and the Association of European Jurists Pro Lege -which exercise popular accusations-, ordered Escalonilla to continue investigating “until the clarification of the alleged unfair administration of the numerary of the Solidarity Fund ».

For Section 30, it is reasonable to think that there is “a disguised subjective link” between the association and the party that could serve to operate “outside the inspection activity of the Court of Accounts, to the benefit of some, to the detriment of the rest of the parties. members of Podemos and the social purposes to which the funds should be dedicated».

The Madrid Court understood that it is still necessary to know the destination of these amounts, the people who authorized the disposal of the money and the final beneficiaries, information necessary to determine if there is a crime. Specifically, it specified that Podemos “has not provided information on whether it granted the amount of 50,000 euros »to # 404 Popular Communication.

Neurona and other derivatives case

At this time, the investigations are focused on the contract signed by Podemos and Neurona Comunidad for 363,000 euros for political consulting work for the general elections of April 28, 2019, and that Escalonilla suspects that it could be simulated to divert money from the accounts ‘purple’.

Since December 2019, when Calvente denounced, the judge has filed several lines of investigation, such as those related to the works of the new Podemos headquarters or the alleged unauthorized access to a hard drive of the party lawyer Marta Flor.

However, as a result of a brief presented by the former head of Normative Compliance of Podemos Mónica Carmona, the judge has agreed to open independent proceedings on the new facts denounced by her, among them the alleged use of a party employee and now an advisor to the Ministry of Equality as babysitter of the children of the minister, Irene Montero.

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