Tuesday, August 3

The judge in the Neurona case expands the investigation of the Podemos accounts




The judge of the Neurona case, Juan José Escalonilla, has agreed to extend the investigation of the finances of Podemos to the destination that the party gave to the donations of the funds given to the Impulsa Project in 2016. He thus accedes to the request of the former senator of the purple formation Celia Cánovas, who on June 9 had requested this extension, understanding that this project is also closely related to the so-called Solidarity Fund, both have an altruistic purpose.

The judge believes that there are signs to distrust that the donations made by Cánovas to the Impulsa Project in 2016 “It does not seem that they were finally used for the altruistic purpose for which they were intended”Therefore, “it proceeds to extend the purpose of this case to the investigation of the destination” that Podemos gave to those donations. For this reason, he urges the party to “present the documentation proving the money collected from both public offices and other donors for the Impulsa Project in 2016, as well as the expository documentation of the destination given to said money raised for said project. It also requires you to Present the documentation related to the creation of this project, identifying the person or person in charge of managing your funds. The same with respect to the budget related to said item, that is to the Impulsa Project, in the fourth quarter of that year.

The judge disagrees with Celia Cánovas and says that the fact that the previously analyzed project had an altruistic purpose, “does not in any way imply that it was related to the Solidarity Fund.” «Apart from the above, It is not the object of this case to carry out an investigation of all the provisions made by the Solidarity Fund of the Podemos political party, which would make the present proceeding a prospective investigation. For this reason, it refuses to agree to the investigation procedures that the prosecution had requested in relation to this fund.

In the car, Escalonilla considers it accredited that Cánovas made various donations to the Impulsa Project created by Podemos out of the salary she received as a senator, and which contributed 5,500 euros to said project in the period between June 6, 2016 and February 7, 2017. Cánovas denounced a possible unfair administration of said money or an improper appropriation. “As can be inferred from the documentation provided in the budget for the year 2016 and, specifically, in the budgets of the first three quarters, it can be verified, in relation to the first quarter, that no expenditure was made any charged to said project, and in relation to the second and third quarters that in each of them said money was used for ‘travel expenses’ for an amount of 15,000 euros, It does not seem, therefore, that said expenses respond to any altruistic purpose.. On the contrary, the budget corresponding to the fourth quarter of 2016 is not provided, ”says Escalonilla.

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