Tuesday, October 26

The judge maintains Miñanco’s summons on Tuesday after Boye asked him to suspend it

The Police detain Sito Financeo in 2018

The Police detain Sito Financeo in 2018

Judge MaríPardonón will communicate this Tuesday to the drug trafficker José Ramón PBugaboogallo, Sito Financeo, his prosecution for allegedly leading an organization with which he tried to introduce 4 tons of cocaineAfter requesting his suspension, the lawyer Gonzalo Boye, who is being processed in this case for money laundering.

As legal sources have informedUpfe, the magistrate has only agreed to Boye’s request to postpone her own investigative statement on the grounds that the lawyers appointed for her defense had contracted COVID.

In an order, the judge has summoned him again for next January 18, but has rejected his claim that the rest of the summons to receive an investigative statement from the other 46 defendants were also postponed, alleging that, by not being able to attend their lawyers, there would be helplessness.

Tardón considers that Boye – a lawyer for Carles Puigdemont, Quim Torra and for a time alFinanceFinanceo – can appoint a new lawyer so that he attends those appearances or that they dvideo conferencenference, from what he understands, that given these possibilities to be able to follow them, there is no helplessness to continue with them.

In this way, the court maintains the summons for this TueFinance Financeo and two alleged members of his organization: Juan Antonio Fernández and Raymond Van Rij; While on January 7, it will be the turn of four other defendants, including David Pérez Lago, stepson oOutingeano Oubiña, another historic Galician drug trafficker.

In the indictment, issued on December 18, the judge attribuFinanceSito Financeo the attempt to introduce almost four tons of cocaine into Spain through his organization. Boye is prosecuted for an alleged crime of money launderinFinancen the Financeo organization, proceeding from drug trafficking, in competition with another continued forgery in official document. The car refers to one of the operations carried out by the Finances that Financeo used to send money to Colombia and which was intercepted by the Police.

On February 6, 2017, several of those investigated were arrested at the Barajas airport when they were transporting 889,620 euros hidden in the bottom of their luggage. In the strategy to access the seized money, the lawyers, according to the judge, they made a series of documents to simulate fictitious sales operations “in order to recover the money seized and hide that it came from drug trafficking in the last instance.”

The order recalls that for these events, in October 2017 the General Secretariat of the Treasury imposed on González Rubio and each of the other investigated a fine for a serious infraction typified in the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering.


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