Friday, January 21

The judge sends three detainees to prison and interns two minors in a center for Samuel’s crime

The head of the Court of Instruction number 1 has decreed prison communicated and without bail for the three young people —Coruñeses between 20 and 25 years old— arrested for the crime of Samuel Luiz at dawn last Saturday, when he was going out partying with a friend, on the Riazor promenade. In order to the young woman who was arrested on Tuesday, also as the alleged author of the mortal beating of Samuel, ordered freedom with obligation to appear in court.

During the statements, which were made in the premises of the Guard Court, on Monforte Street, the National Police reported the arrest of two minors suspected of having participated in the crime of the young man from Meicende. Both spent yesterday afternoon at the disposal of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office, which requested that the two enter a center for minors, a measure that the judge confirmed, indicated the Government Delegation, which indicated that one of them has background.

The Superior Court of Xustiza de Galicia (TSXG) reported yesterday that none of the four adults appeared before the judge, they availed themselves of their right not to testify. The four arrived at the courts this Friday around 10 a.m.

The four suspects are investigated for homicide or murder, since, as the investigation has not yet been closed, the classification of the events of which they are alleged perpetrators has not been defined. The Police accuse the two minors a crime of homicide, considering that they participated in the fatal beating of Samuel.

The magistrate, in the car, collects that sends the three men to prison understanding that there is a risk of leakage and the possibility of alteration or destruction of evidence related to the case. The young woman, defended by Luciano Prado’s office, left the courts on Monforte Street, while the three men were taken to prison in a Civil Guard van after giving a statement. The Prosecutor’s Office had not requested the woman’s admission to prison. Sources consulted by this newspaper indicate that the young woman alleged that she had not been an active part in the fight, but that she was at the scene of the events accompanying her partner.

The detained, as you may have learned The Opinion A Coruña, they assured the judge that they did not know before Samuel and they confirmed that, as the witnesses had told the agents, the attack occurred because Samuel and his friend Lina were making a video call and the initial assailant thought he was recording them. None of them, as this newspaper has learned, admitted to the magistrate that he hit Samuel.

Sources consulted by this newspaper also indicate that the three arrested on Tuesday – the girl, her boyfriend and another friend – answered only to the questions of their lawyers, while the one arrested on Thursday, who in addition to homicide is accused of a crime of misappropriation, having allegedly kept the victim’s mobile phone, also answered questions from the judge, the lawyers and the Prosecutor’s Office.

The detained They did not claim to the instructor that they were drunk during the assault, but they assured that The beating was triggered by the video call. The defense of the suspect to whom the Police accuses improper appropriation in addition to homicide, carried out by José Ramón Sierra, alleges that the young man tried to “mediate” in the fight, that the motive was found, that he is “innocent” and that, for that reason , He first voluntarily went to testify at police stations and also gave a statement as investigated before the agents before going to court yesterday. The judge sent him to prison, like the other two male detainees, one defended by the lawyer Luis Salgado Carbajales, and the other, by David Freire.

The witnesses identified some of the detainees as perpetrators of the fatal beating of Samuel.

The government delegate, Jose Miñones, assured yesterday that more arrests are not ruled out “During the weekend” and recalled that the performances are secret, by order of the instructor.

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