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The judges endorse the prison for the Vázquez twins, accused of murder

The twin sisters Pilar and Dolores Vázquez Alarcón will not get out of prison. They are the alleged co-authors of the murder on July 10, 2021 of Pedro Fernández, the boyfriend of the second. He died as a result of the blows that his brother-in-law gave him on the head with a metal tool (a goat’s foot), Isaac Gil Gonzalez. Justice has ratified his imprisonment and has dismissed his appeals. In one of the cars, Pilar’s, the Court of Barcelona alludes to the fact that there are indications of his participation in the crime, which he qualifies as premeditated, and that, therefore, exists flight risk, according to the car to which EL PERIÓDICO has had access, newspaper that belongs to the group that this same newspaper.

The judge investigating the crime believed at first that the only perpetrator of the murder was Isaac because, according to the case, he admitted that he had beaten Pedro, who was 55 years old. The autopsy determined that he received at least 12 blows. Isaac entered prison. Pilar and Dolores were released on bail.

But nevertheless, the analysis of the mobile phones of those investigated caused a twist in the case. The Mossos they discovered that the twin sisters were involved in the crime. Given this new evidence, the judge ordered his admission to prison because, in her opinion, the two accused “in cold blood”, together with Isaac, who was also Pilar’s romantic partner, decided when and where Pedro was going to die: the July 10 at Dolores’ house.

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leave it “fried”

In one of the messages sent by Pilar to Isaac, the woman asks her: “how to get chloroform?” and clarifies that it will be for Dolores to “put him to sleep” and “then finish him off”. In the same message, Pilar remarks that it must be done “this Friday”. In another audio, Isaac and Pilar also study the possibility of use a stun gun to leave it “fried”. In a third, the three remember that they must have “a blanket” to, presumably, roll up and move the body.

In the case of Pilar, the court of the Third Section of the Barcelona Court maintains that the incidents of her participation in the murder “are clear” and are even clear from the initial police certificate, from which it is deduced that the woman was inside the house where the attack took place. The attack continued on the landing and on the stairs. The magistrates add: “she was with her sister (Dolores) and her partner (Isaac) cleaning the blood on the stairs when the police arrived.” The car adds that from the dump and analysis of the messages “a premeditation is evident” among those investigated to end Fernández’s life.

The togados reject Pilar’s version that the victim had previously attacked her sister, Dolores, and that she asked for help, so she went with her partner, Isaac, to the home. The resolution argues that there is a risk of escape, since the crime allegedly committed is “very serious” and has a sentence of more than 15 years in prison. The investigating judge investigating the crime, pFor his part, he has ratified the imprisonment of the other defendant, Dolores, who has also appealed to the Barcelona Court.

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