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The judges remind Zupiria that they never want to harm anyone and always comply with the Law

Wednesday, February 10, 2021 – 23:18

The Basque Government increases its pressure on the magistrate Luis Garrido after the second blow due to an appeal by the hoteliers

The Lehendakari Urkullu talks with Councilor Zupiria during a ...

Lehendakari Urkullu talks with Councilor Zupiria during a meeting of the Governing Council in Lehendakaritza.

The Basque Government has intensified its criticism against the Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country (TSJPV) after the judicial order of the Administrative Litigation Chamber that agreed to apply as a precautionary measure the opening of bars and restaurants. The spokesperson Bingen Zupiria -with continuous public interventions-, the vice-lehendakari Josu Erkoreka and the head of Health Gotzone Sagardui They criticize the car and, as Zupiria has stated, recall that the restrictive regulations it adopts the lehendakari Urkullu intend to “annoy the people”. From the judiciary, the magistrate and president of the Professional Association of the Magistracy Santiago Romero has remembered that neither do the judges want to “harm the parties” and “all judicial decisions conform to the law”.

The Urkullu Government combats the bitter judicial hangover caused by the Administrative Litigation order with a cataract of public statements in which the ability of the three magistrates to scientifically evaluate the situation of the pandemic is questioned. A effort wasted and out of time which does not correspond to the weakness of the legal and, above all, health documentation provided by the Basque Executive when the TSJPV urged it to counter the arguments and data provided by the three hotelier associations.

The Basque Executive hides the weakness of the documentation provided with a “memory” of the Directorate of Health and Addictions that uses a study carried out in the United States on infections in public places prepared by the researcher Sherina Chang and that includes dealerships, pet stores, and gas stations with North American bars and restaurants.

“The documentation provided by the parties especially to prove if there is a damage with the continuity of the measures It’s fundamental to analyze precautionary measures, “says the president of the APM.” No judge makes a decision to harm a party but instead makes a decision with the data provided and always in accordance with the law, “says Romero hours after Zupiria use that argument to defend the measures adopted by Urkullu with the endorsement of the institutional representatives who advise him and the technical reports of the group of experts coordinated by the Secretary General of Coexistence Jonan Fernndez.

The magistrate of the Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country also warns that each judicial procedure is different and the judges must analyze the documentation provided without it being possible to interpret that from now on all the judges will facilitate the reopening of the hotel business at the request of the hospitality associations. “Nor should it be ruled out that the final resolution adopted by the court on this matter could give the reason to the Basque Government because it is based on a sentence and not on the approval of a precautionary measure,” says Romero.

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