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The judges support protecting all cases of “special relevance” with GPS bracelets

gender violence

They consider urgent the legal reform to dedicate the women’s courts to investigate all sexist crimes and against sexual freedom

Alfonso Torices

The Judiciary and the operators of the courts joined this Monday the urgent need raised by the Ministries of Equality and the Interior and by the Prosecutor’s Office to multiply the use of telematic bracelets to protect the victims of gender violence, control the abusers and thus stop the current wave of crimes. They unanimously agree that it is a very effective method in the fight against this scourge, as shown by the fact that not one of the 12,000 women who have used it since it was introduced in Spain in 2009 has been murdered.

The Observatory against Gender Violence, a body coordinated by the CGPJ that brings together representatives of the actors and institutions that fight against sexist violence, considers it appropriate that police and prosecutors ask judges to impose these control devices from now on , which optimize protection and removal measures, in all cases in which they detect a medium risk of “special relevance” for the victims and their children, whether or not they have claimed the precautionary measure.

Equality has guaranteed a sufficient budget to make a 40% jump in the bracelets available to victims and courts. They want to go from 3,000 in operation in 2022 to almost 4,300 throughout 2023.

He stabbed his girlfriend and her daughter to death in Valladolid

The members of the Observatory also want to accelerate the measures to improve the assessment of the risk of persistent (repeat) aggressors, improving the scales of the VioGén police system and extending the creation of comprehensive forensic assessment units to all judicial districts, so that they make urgent calculations of the risk in all processes. The Interior and the Prosecutor’s Office continue to study the formula that would allow the current couple to report their history of violence against other women in assessed cases.

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more coordination

All those gathered agreed on the urgency of completing the legal reform ordered in the “only yes is yes” law so that the jurisdiction of the courts for violence against women extends throughout the country to the investigation of all cases of sexist violence, including attacks against their sexual freedom. At the same time, they consider it necessary for there to be courts of this kind in all territories, for the specialization of criminal courts to prosecute these cases to be extended, and for investigative courts with jurisdiction over these crimes to receive specific training in the same way. matter, even if they are not exclusive.

The Observatory also called for increased interconnection and coordination between the women’s and family courts, requested that it be mandatory for the victim to receive advice from a lawyer before filing a complaint, and appealed to the environments of the mistreated to denounce schools, institutes, health centers and hospitals so that they increase the early detection of cases of gender violence.

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