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The Junta de Extremadura allocates 150,000 euros to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

Juan Antonio González, spokesman for the Junta de Extremadura. / TODAY

The Governing Council approves the call for rural elections for May 8

John Soriano

The Junta de Extremadura shows its solidarity with the war in Ukraine and the 2 million displaced people with a direct contribution to care for those affected by the Russian invasion.

The Governing Council of the Board has today authorized the call for grants for humanitarian action projects processed by the direct award procedure with an allocation of more than 1.42 million euros, 36% more than last year, an increase of €376,000.

The objective of this aid is to finance preventive humanitarian actions, in response to disasters (emergencies) and rehabilitation and reconstruction actions (prolonged crises). The 2021 call went to Palestine, Lebanon, Senegal, Colombia and Saharawi camps in Algeria. The 217 non-governmental development organizations registered in the regional registry, as well as private non-profit entities from partner countries and international organizations, among others, may apply for these grants.

The spokesman for the regional government, Juan Antonio González, has indicated that 150,000 euros from that call will be allocated to Ukraine, “an initial amount” in the face of an emergency situation that “unfortunately, we believe has just begun.”

González pointed out that the Extremadura Agency for International Development Cooperation, together with the state agency and entities from ten other autonomous communities, have reached an agreement to allocate 2.1 million euros to humanitarian crises in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria and the Sahara. Of that amount, 400,000 euros will go to the Red Cross in the European country.

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The Board’s spokesman pointed out that the region has 60 places to receive refugees in Olivenza and Badajoz, and stressed that the vast majority of the region’s municipalities have offered spaces for these displaced persons. “All these offers, having municipal facilities and housing, are being registered in the system that the Ministry of Inclusion has enabled,” he indicated.

Juan Antonio González appreciates the shows of solidarity from Extremadura, but has insisted that all aid be channeled through “the official humanitarian organizations that are working on the ground.”

Elections to the field

On the other hand, the Government Council has approved the decree calling the rural elections, which will be held on May 8. The final census will be known on March 22, after which there will be a new deadline for allegations. Five years after the last electoral process, the people who will form part of the Agrarian Advisory Council will be renewed on behalf of the professional organizations established in the region.

Likewise, the Plan of Measures against Fraud, Corruption and Conflicts of Interest has been given the green light, a requirement to access European recovery funds. The Board’s spokesman explained that this is intended to “immediately identify and expel” the improper use of that money.


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