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The Junta de Extremadura issues an alert on chemical submission through punctures


The SES informs health professionals about the increase in complaints of this practice in nightlife

The Junta de Extremadura issues an alert on chemical submission through punctures after the complaints of several women who have alleged to have been victims of this practice at parties, nightclubs, areas and leisure events in different parts of Spain throughout the last weeks.

The use of psychoactive substances as a form of violence against women is not recent. In recent years there has been an increase in the frequency of its use, particularly in relation to sexual violence and against sexual freedom. This form of violence against women facilitated by psychoactive substances is another general expression of sexist violence, indicates the Board in a note.

It is the professionals who attend the emergency services who are in the best position to detect it. For this reason, the Extremadura Health Service has issued a health alert to inform health professionals and so that affected people know how to act.

Thus, the victim of this practice must report the fact at the same time to their companions, if they have them, and must call 112 and follow their instructions. In any case, she will go immediately to the nearest hospital. It must be remembered that, as a general rule, the delay in going to a health center by the victim and the collection of biological samples for toxicological purposes is inversely proportional to the possibilities of detecting the substances usually involved in cases of suspected chemical submission. .

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What to do if you think you have been a victim of chemical submission

Once in the hospital, the health professionals will attend to the affected person. Among other actions, they will study and collect samples, assess whether to activate the HIV/AIDS post-exposure prophylaxis protocol and, if appropriate, notify the judicial authority. In the event that sexual assault is suspected, the corresponding protocol will be activated.

From the General Directorate of Public Health, through the Technical Secretariat of Drug Addiction, the professionals of the Addictive Behavior Care Network have been informed about this reality and the methodology to be carried out.

For its part, from the Ministry of Equality and Cooperation for Development it is recalled that violence against women by chemical submission occurs in 31% of aggressions, according to a study by the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior, by what is necessary, from the administrations, to launch an awareness message to make citizens aware of this type of violence against women.

The Ministry of the Interior has notified 162 criminal offenses for sexual assault under chemical submission in the last three years and in less than a month 17 complaints have been known.

For this reason, the Extremadura Women’s Institute (IMEX) has sent the guides edited by the Ministry of Equality to prevent this type of violence against women to the Extremadura Network of Gender Equality and Violence Offices.

Protocol to prevent sexual violence

Since last June, Extremadura has had a new Protocol for the Prevention, Attention and Intervention of Sexual Violence in Extremadura, prepared by the IMEX, and approved by the Permanent Commission for the Prevention and Eradication of Gender Violence in Extremadura, and that specifically contemplates chemical submission as a new form of sexual violence that is growing worryingly throughout the country.

For this reason, the IMEX wants to alert, prevent and make citizens aware of a growing and worrying reality that, now in the summer months, is increasing in leisure areas and nightclubs, in addition to continuing to promote the installation of purple points in all the festivals of the towns as an instrument to involve society in the fight against sexist violence and spread, in a massive way, the necessary information to know how to act against a case of sexual violence.

Faced with this new reality, the Junta de Extremadura (Ministry of Health and Social Services and Ministry of Equality and Cooperation for Development) wants to intensify actions against this emerging problem.

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