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The Junts redouble the pressure on ERC in the key week of the negotiation




Together for Catalonia has decided to continue tightening the rope with Esquerra and extend the negotiations for the investiture of Pera Aragonès as much as possible, a ‘way of the cross’ on the eve of Holy Week that, for now, the Republicans seem willing to assume with resignation. While waiting to start a new phase of conversations that should also be added to the CUP, the neocovergents have chosen this weekend to launch new darts at their future partners, this time through the mouth of the new president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs, and of former president Quim Torra, who has reappeared publicly.

“We started by not investing President Puigdemont and we ended up losing the act of deputy of President Torra,” Borràs recalled in an interview published this Sunday in the newspaper ‘Ara’ in which he also stressed that Carles Puigdemont He will continue to be, for her, the “legitimate president” of Catalonia despite Esquerra’s victory in the 14-F elections.

Change the regulation

Borràs also attacked his predecessor in office, the Republican Roger Torrent, accusing him of not protecting the “inviolability” of the Parliament during his term, and promised to reform the regulations of the autonomous chamber to allow “telematic investiture”, something that it would open the possibility of investing Puigdemont in the distant future. In this legislature, however, it will no longer be possible, since the leader of the Junts resigned his seat last week.

The ex-president Quim Torra He also decided to reappear the weekend in which the state of alarm for the coronavirus pandemic was completed one year and he did so to join the reproaches against those of Oriol Junqueras. In an interview recorded at the Palau de la Generalitat and broadcast on Saturday night on TV3, Torra mixed the attacks on ERC with his assessment of the management of the health crisis and threw several darts against the Republicans, particularly against his candidate for the presidency, Pera Aragonès.

«During the epidemic I missed him by my side; I would have liked a more active attitude, “lamented the former Catalan president. And it is that, according to Torra, Aragonès was not sufficiently aware of the ministries that Esquerra piloted during the health crisis -such as Health, Education or Work and Social Affairs-, something that disappointed him. “In recent months he has not called me”, He added before stating that he does not wish the next Catalan government the same internal conflicts and mistrust that his suffered.

Palm Sunday

Although the Republicans bet from the beginning on a quick negotiation with the Junts and the CUP that would allow a “broad” government to be formed in a few days, for the moment it seems that the neoconvergents will have no qualms about pushing the calendar until Easter and even end up closing ‘in extremis’ the investiture of the next Catalan president for March 28, Palm Sunday.

It is precisely that date of high religious and liturgical significance that marks the deadline for the independence movement to reach a three-way agreement that avoids an electoral repetition that, for now, Esquerra, Junts per Catalunya and the CUP frontally reject.

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