Friday, September 17

The jury studies its verdict on the murders of the Godella children

María Gombau and Gabriel Carvajal seated in the Audiencia of Valencia

María Gombau and Gabriel Carvajal seated in the Audiencia of Valencia

The jury will receive this Wednesday the questions on which its verdict will depend on the murders of two children that occurred in Godella (Valencia) on March 14, 2019 and of which Gabriel and María, their parents, are accused, who have renounced their right to say a last word, who always assists the accused at the end of the trial that affects them.

The members of the jury will listen to the explanations of the presiding magistrate of the court on how they should carry out their function and, then, what is called the object of the verdict, the very synthetic account of the key facts that they must consider sufficiently proven and on which the guilt or innocence of the two accused will depend. This object of the verdict is agreed between the parties, the prosecution and the defense, under the direction of the presiding magistrate.

The two children, six months she, Ixel, and three years he, Amiel, they died of violent blows in the early morning of that night. The prosecutor defends that the two parents committed the crime, although she was irresponsible for a psychotic outbreak, as forensic psychiatrists have made clear.

In the event that the jury finds the mother guilty, with or without the father’s participation, it will most likely be considered irresponsible for her mental illness. For the mother, the prosecutor requests acquittal for a complete defense of mental disorder and a measure of confinement in a suitable center for their treatment.

In this way, the main key to the verdict will be whether or not Gabriel is guilty. In any case, both he and Maria defend their innocence and the guilt of the other.

The last day of the trial ended on Wednesday morning with the presentation of his report by the mother’s lawyer, after the prosecutor and his defense presented their report on Tuesday afternoon. While the prosecutor points out that it is impossible that, as the father says, everything happened while he slept, her defense has pointed out that the one who is not very credible is Gabriel. For his part, the father’s lawyer defends that he was sleeping when his partner took the minors out of the house and killed them.

According to the prosecutor, the parents acted by mutual agreement to end the lives of the children. The Public Ministry recalled that the Civil Guard has considered little credible that Gabriel could not wake up when the children were killed in the pool, located a few meters from the house. María’s defense has highlighted that children they could die further away from the house than where the pool is, and she did not wake up, even more so considering her fatigue caused by raising the baby.

To support his request to sentence the father to 50 years, with a maximum of 40 years of compliance, yesterday the prosecutor pointed to signs such as the lack of concern for the mother’s illness, together with the strange beliefs and practices that he has later denied in addition to the initial lack of collaboration with the investigation until, suddenly, he gave them a very precise indication of where the bodies were.

Furthermore, in his brief, the prosecutor draws attention to the fact that, while DNA and children’s blood were found on Maria’s clothes, understandable because he has confessed to having buried them, the same did not happen with Gabriel. For the prosecutor, it is striking that when the Civil Guard arrived, the morning after the crimes, Gabriel showed up with very clean clothes, something unusual for him, which could indicate that he had just moved to avoid being found remains of the little ones.

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