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The Justice annuls the linguistic projects of four new Catalan centers for excluding Spanish




The Justice rules again in favor of Castilian in the Catalan school. The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has canceled the linguistic projects of four new educational centers, in addition to those paralyzed last March in two other schools in Catalonia, for excluding Spanish as a vehicular language. In total, there are already six centers (schools and institutes) whose language plans have been declared illegal by the Catalan high court by not considering the vehicular nature of Castilian as an official language, along with Catalan.

It’s about the schools Puig de les Cadiretes de Llagostera (Barcelona), Aura of Reus (Tarragona), Fragoal de Castelldefels (Barcelona) and the institute the Pallaresos from the town of Els Pallaresos (Tarragona). The other two that received the blow from the TSJC in March are the schools Bogatell of Barcelona and Josefina Ibáñez de Abrera (Barcelona), as reported in a statement by the Assembly for a Bilingual School (AEB), entity that appealed the paralyzed projects. It so happens that the Frangoal School, «although it has introduced Spanish as a vehicular language for the entire stage of Primary and Secondary Education in all class groups, has not officially reflected this change in its language project», Specifies the AEB in a statement.

In its new resolutions, similar to those issued last March, the TSJC annuls the projects alleging that «They do not consider the vehicular nature of Spanish as an official language, together with Catalan ». In the case of the one that affects one of the March centers, the Bogatell in Barcelona, ​​the high court also adds that it decides to “also annul any other linguistic project of the same center that may have been approved later in the event that it incurs the same defect».

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The Generalitat has appealed these resolutions before the Supreme court (TS) with the intention, as reported by the AEB, to delay its immediate application. According to the entity, the judgments of the TSJC that declare illegal the projects of the centers «have a historical significance, insofar as they will force to change all the linguistic projects of the public educational centers of Catalonia that in 95 percent of the cases only they establish that Catalan is the vehicular language of instruction ”.

Decisive judgment

The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia issued on December 16, 2020 a ruling that obliges the Generalitat of Catalonia to establish 25 percent of teaching in Spanish, at least, in all educational centers. A decision that has to be applied in a “Effective and immediate”Although the Ministry of Education announced that it would appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.

Since its foundation in 2014, the AEB has achieved that there are already more than 2,300 students who enjoy teaching at least one core subject in Spanish together with the Spanish language. The centers with class groups, with Spanish as the language of instruction, are distributed in the towns of: Barcelona, ​​Reus (Tarragona), Palamós (Gerona), Els Pallaresos (Tarragona), Vila-seca (Tarragona), Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona), Cubelles (Barcelona), Abrera (Barcelona), Sant Esteve Sesrovires (Baracelona), Sant Adrià de Besos (Barcelona), El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona), Castelldefels (Barcelona), Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) and Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona).

The AEB advances in a statement that «it will continue working so that the schools in Catalonia respect the current legal model of linguistic conjunction, in which the two official languages ​​must be vehicular languages ​​”. In this sense, the entity, chaired by Ana Losada, considers “fundamental the involvement and Citizen reaction to the illegal imposition of the immersion system linguistics and the campaigns that the Generalitat and associations of the nationalist circle try to point out to teachers and students who use Spanish in schools ”. That is why the entity has launched an information campaign ( in which reiterates the illegality of the immersion system and encourages parents to trust AEB to present these resources and get its application in educational centers.

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