Thursday, June 17

The Kazan shooter was diagnosed with a brain disease but received a gun license anyway




The Committee of Instruction of Russia (SK in its acronym in Russian) announced yesterday that Ilnaz Galiáviev, the 19-year-old who shot into the 175th school in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, on Tuesday and killed seven schoolchildren, a teacher and an employee, “suffered from a brain disease” whose nature has not been given to know. To Kazan, where the burial of the nine deceased took place yesterday, more than a hundred SK investigators have traveled to clarify what happened.

The Russian judicial body draws attention to the fact that Galiáviev suffered from a neurological disease capable of influencing his behavior and, nevertheless, his case, despite being reflected in medical records, was not registered anywhere as worthy of being taken into account. account before the possibility of applying for weapons or driving licenses. And this despite the fact that, according to the researchers, he sometimes suffered severe headaches and had gone to the doctor for treatment. One of the diagnoses spoke of “encephalopathy and brain damage.”

The SK has also been able to determine that, in recent months, his relatives noticed that Galiáviev showed an increasingly irascible and aggressive behavior. Now he is going to be subjected to a thorough psychiatric and psychological examination, since his current condition, according to the judicial body, “prevents him from undertaking the necessary proceedings.” The defendant, whom the judge has placed in preventive custody for the next two months, refuses to answer in the interrogations and keeps repeating that he is God and that he hates everyone.

The SK sets out to find out why, given the severity of the mental state of Galiáviev, was able to obtain the license to carry and use weapons, which allowed him to acquire a Turkish-made shotgun, Hatsan Escort, with which he entered school on Tuesday and shot with everything that moved. At that time he was wearing a mask that said God. Fifteen minutes before committing the attack, the young murderer announced on his Telegram social network account that he intended to liquidate “a large quantity of bio-waste” and then commit suicide. He illustrated it with his own photo with the mask that he later used during the massacre.

Yesterday was a day of mourning in Tatarstan, the dead were buried and throughout the day people did not stop coming to place flowers, portraits, stuffed animals and candles in the memorial installed in front of the school. In Russian society, the debate on the need to restrict gun licenses has reignited. The Security Committee of the Duma (Lower House of the Russian Parliament) today presented a bill that will tighten the conditions, raising, among other things, the age of the applicants to be able to receive the permission to use firearms.

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