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The key document that justified the search of Trump, in the hands of the judge

A federal judge in Florida will hear this Thursday the arguments for the publication or not of the key document on the search of Donald Trump’s mansion: the affidavit with which the FBI and Department of Justice investigators convinced that same magistrate,

Bruce Reinhart, to authorize the operation at Mar-a-Lago, the former US president’s private club and residence on the Florida coast.

These documents serve to explain what evidence there is that justifies the search warrant and, if the one related to this case is published, it would open a window on what papers the FBI agents were looking for, what the purpose of the search was and how important it was to deserve a surprise visit to the house of a former president, something never happened in the US.

Judge Reinhart already approved the publication of the search warrant last week, after a request from Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The FBI’s entry into Trump’s mansion sparked a political storm – one more – around the New York billionaire, in which the former president and his Republican allies accused the FBI and the Justice Department of “political persecution.”

Garland, pressured by the scandal, took the unusual step of appearing to discuss a case, criticizing the attacks on his department, saying that the nature of the investigation prevented him from giving any details about it, and announcing that he would seek publication of the warrant. registration, to which the judge later agreed.

It found that investigators seized eleven sets of documents with classified material at Trump’s home, after months of demands from the National Archives to return them. Under US law, all documents that pass through the president in office must be archived for his preservation. Trump took dozens of boxes of documents and materials to Mar-a-Lago, and the National Archives eventually referred the case to the Justice Department.

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Among the classified materials recovered by the agents were top secret documents and some related to nuclear weapons.

The request to Reinhard to also publish the affidavit has been carried out by the US media and has also been demanded by Republicans, who believe that its content will show that the record was a political trick against Trump.

The former president himself joined the demand on Tuesday morning with a message on his social network, Truth Social: “I call for the affidavit related to the robbery to be published immediately, completely and without redactions,” he wrote in reference to the registration at your residence.

The Department of Justice, on the other hand, has opposed the publication. In a brief before the judge, he argues that “it would jeopardize the next steps of the investigation” and “it would make it difficult for witnesses whose help we might require to cooperate in the future.”

Giuliani, goal

The Trump registration plot is not resolved at the moment, while other investigations against the former president are progressing in parallel. Last week he refused to testify in a matter of fraud in New York from his company, ‘Trump Organization’, and this week revelations have been made about other investigations related to his campaign against the results of the 2020 presidential elections, when he lost the White House.

According to documents belonging to a lawsuit in Georgia, to which ‘The Washington Post’ has had access, the former president’s team that answered those results hired computer experts to ‘hack’ electoral machines – those used in the US to cast the ballot – in several states.

The alleged manipulation of these machines -of which no evidence has been found- was one of the theories that the Trump campaign held after losing the elections. Now, the penetration into some of those machines to copy their data is part of an investigation.

In the same state of Georgia, it has been known that Rudy Giuliani -former mayor of New York, Trump’s lawyer and the main player in the attempted electoral overturn- is the target of another investigation for electoral interference.

Giuliani, who has not yet been charged in that case, is expected to testify Wednesday in a court in Atlanta, the state’s largest city.

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