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The keys of Podemos for the new political course: achieving greater ambition in the coalition and more territorial initiatives

Pablo Echenique, in Congress.

Pablo Echenique, in Congress.

The parliamentary group of United We Can in Congress has been conspired to “push” to express “greater ambition” in the measures adopted by the coalition facing this new parliamentary course and will strengthen the territorial content initiatives.

As sources from United We Can have explained to Europa Press, these two points have been the main conclusions of the meeting held this afternoon by the confederal group, on the occasion of the new session in Congress.

During that encounter, it has been revealed that territorial implantation is a “fundamental” objective of the political space and a “strategic” line of action that “it has always defended.”

In this sense, the parliamentary group has decided to “put itself at the service” of this strategy, giving way to proposals that “start from the territories” and carrying out parliamentary initiatives that affect the whole of the country.

“Spain is much more than Madrid and a parliamentary group like ours has to take charge of that reality, carrying out initiatives that improve the lives of citizens. The fight that we are giving to protect the Mar Menor is an example of this “, has been exposed in said parliamentary conclave.

Mental health law

In addition, another of the tasks of the confederal group for this period of sessions is “push” so that the measures that take place within the coalition have the “greatest ambition”.

In fact, it was mentioned in the meeting that this attitude could be verified with the amendment that they came to present in the processing of the current General Budgets to paralyze the evictions (which they signed with other parliamentary partners) and that then “led” to the compromise reached with the PSOE to develop the new Housing Law.

It has also been alluded to the creation of initiatives such as the Mental Health bill, which guides a significant increase in health professionals in this field of care, or the creation of a public energy company, through the recovery of hydroelectric facilities whose concessions expire.

Last week and during the Podemos State Citizen Council, the general secretary of training and the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, assured that in the coming months the Government his re-election is “at stake” and demanded an “ambitious” social agenda, where it must also be “crucial” to apply a fiscal reform in a General State Budget (PGE) called to be “essential” for recovery.

With regard to the negotiation with the PSOE to prepare the draft law for the new public accounts, he explained the need to apply a tax reform and a “vanguard” measure such as a fixed rate of 15% for large companies in the tax of Societies, following in the wake of the international agreement in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

He also listed the elimination of the so-called ‘pink tax’ (as it is popularly known, the higher price of certain feminine products) and lower the VAT for hairdressers from 21 to 10%.

Other conditions are the extension of paternity and maternity leave to 6 months, the extension of the network of public nursery schools, a universal parenting benefit and raising the minimum and non-contributory pensions.

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