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The keys to the electoral advance in Castilla y León: Zamora and the “betrayal” on the platform

The “Betrayal” of which the president of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, accuses Citizens, and with it to the ya former Vice President Francisco Igea, is the official excuse given in the public appearance to justify the advancement of the elections. Internal PP sources indicate that “you just have to string together statements from one and the other” to reach the conclusion that, in recent weeks, there was a clear collusion between the opposition, with the PSOE leading the movements and the popular government partners themselves. Specifically, they allude to the secretary of the Organization of the Castilian-Leon socialists, Ana Sánchez from Zamora, who this Friday announced that her party would support the allegations to the regional budgets required from By Ávila, the key training for Approve the accounts that should have gone to full for your final approval this Wednesday.

Without the vote For Ávila, a party led by Pedro Pascual, split from the PP, the budgets could not be approved. Behind the motion of censure presented last March by the PSOE, which broke up the Citizens group, the coalition PP-CS ruled in the minority. Negotiations with the Avila attorney were twisted before the growing demands of Pascual who, a week ago, warned the regional government that they should value “upward” the 22 partial amendments worth more than 35 million euros that he would present in order to guarantee his “decisive” vote on the accounts.

That same friday Mañueco went to Zamora to preside over the provincial board of directors, with interventions open to the media, in an unusual gesture that indicated that this meeting transcended the everyday. The electoral tone of the president, who made a call to close ranks to make the PP “an unbeatable party”, raised suspicions that the electoral advance was close. It had to be by force because in March the term of one year was fulfilled so that the PSOE could present a second motion of no confidence, but in recent weeks, in the political lies there has been speculation with the movements of the attorneys of a decomposing party that sought to maintain its share of power, Ciudadanos, in turn divided in two: the supporters of the pro-government line represented by Gema Villlarroel as regional president and supporters of the loose verse that, from the beginning, has been Francisco Igea and his colleagues in the regional government.

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Igea’s anger

The role played by Igea in the whole mess is the other “hot spot” that would have activated the “red button” of the electoral advance. According to sources from the PSOE, the contacts that had been maintained between members of Ciudadanos and the Socialists were on the sidelines of the former vice president. But just the opposite maintains the popular ones who thus justify the qualification of “treason” wielded by Mañueco during his appearance without questions first thing in the morning. What seems clear is that it is Igea himself who the decision has caught off the hook. He had just finished an interview on a national radio station when the news broke. Mañueco announced the removal of the vice president and the other three councilors of Citizens when Igea still had the microphone “close at hand”. At that time the president of Castilla y León should be in Zamora waiting on the platform for the AVE in which the King Felipe VI, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez Y the Ministers of Public Works Raquel Sánchez and of Work, Yolanda Díaz, in maiden voyage of the railway connection with Galicia.

In reality, the Castilian-Leon president Valladolid to sign the dissolution of the Cortes and “avoid tarnishing an institutional act” with the Crown and to the supine anger of Igea, who resumed the radio interview and exploded live: “Who does this is not a good man”, while ensuring that he had no “remote idea” of Mañueco’s intention. Both had assured that they would maintain the pact and that they would govern in the minority, but the popular had always stressed that this scenario would only have one exception that now would have broken: that of political stability.

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The king comes down to “take air” in Zamora

And on the way to Zamora for the same act the news caught the secretary of the PSOE of Castilla y León, Luis Tudanca halfway back, back to the headquarters of Valladolid. The electoral game opens and there are many unknowns. The first if Mañueco will get the decision right, backed from Genoa, and who is looking for the absolute majority that the polls predict. Also what will become of both Ciudadanos and Igea itself, if Tudanca will be able to revalidate the victory on the 2019 ballots, frustrated by changing its opinion about what is sustained in the campaign by Igea and agreeing Ciudadanos with the PP, or if there will be new actors from the February 13, when the Castilian-Leonese will go to the polls. For now Igea has requested his re-entry as a doctor digestive specialist in what could be the abandonment of politics. It remains to be defined whether there will be more single-province candidacies or whether the Empty Spain will jump onto the political stage. He too possible promotion of Vox and yes Podemos will be able to recover from the crash of two years ago. Much to be elucidated in the next 55 days until deciding the government of Castilla y León for the next four years.

In the Zamora train stationWhile the whole earthquake was unleashed, the faces of the provincial representatives of the PP and the PSOE were at stake of how the morning passed. From start to start. Minutes before the train arrived to which, almost at the same time that the call for elections was jumping, the king and the Prime Minister were getting on, a climax to the “Welcome Mr. Marshall” was announced: the convoy would only stop so that the Zamorano guests (among whom had also disappeared the own Mayor of Zamora, Francisco Guarido, from IU) and neither Felipe VI nor Sánchez would step on Zamorano asphalt. But, as in any suspense movie, there was a final twist. When the authorities were already inside, they went out again, to form the commanders of Police Y Civil Guard and the two characters whose prominence had been veiled by immediate events got out of the Preferential class car. “At least breathe the air of Zamora”, greeted the king, affable, to those present. Paradoxically, yesterday more than one what it contained was, precisely, the breath. The most unusual electoral race in Castilla y León begins. Take your surveys.

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