Thursday, May 26

The keys to the “honjok”, the South Korean movement that claims loneliness

  • Lucia Blasco
  • BBC World News

Woman in South Korea looking at the window


In South Korea, many young people started the “honjok” or “tribes of one” to claim a solitary lifestyle.

After joy comes loneliness, Benedetti wrote, but what comes after loneliness?

The pandemic isolation is driving what social welfare organizations such as AARP or the United Health Foundation in the US already predict as an “epidemic of loneliness.”

It doesn’t sound encouraging. However, there are positive ways of living with loneliness and even getting a positive side out of it, explains the American psychotherapist France Healey.

A year before the pandemic broke out, Healey began investigating a curious phenomenon in South Korea that claims loneliness as a way of life: honjok or “tribes of one”.

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