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The keys to the threat of strike in women’s football

The threat of a strike looms again over women’s football. The players have said enough after seeing that, three months after the announcement of the professionalization of Primera Iberdrola, the project is still on hold. “We do not know who the culprit is. Nobody likes to go on strike, but it seems that it is the only solution,” he said on Tuesday. Amanda Sampedro, Atlético captain, at the players’ press conference at the AFE headquarters. These are the keys to the conflict.

Third strike threat in two years

In November 219 the players already made a historic strike to claim a collective agreement. In other countries there were protests or claims, but a women’s league was never stopped before for this purpose. Women’s football stopped for a day and, seeing that the situation was once again entrenched, they put another stop on the table three months later. In the end they called him off ‘in extremis’ on February 14, 2020, five days before the agreement was signed that established, among other things, a minimum salary of 16,000 euros gross per year and the possibility that the players that they finish the contract and stay pregnant can renew for one more season under the same conditions. This time the stoppage is due to the slowdown in the launch of the first professional women’s league, announced on June 15. “We are tired of not having the conditions we deserve. Last weekend we made 30-second stoppages, this week a statement and this press conference. If necessary, we will have to go on strike,” he said. Silvia Meseguer, vice president of the AFE and Atletico player.

The Association of Women’s Soccer Clubs (ACFF) described as “a new act of abuse and persecution” of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) the sanctions imposed on clubs of the First RFEF for not wearing their anagram in matches, including the subtraction of three points to Levante, Real Sociedad and Villarreal, and the fines to Rayo Vallecano, Betis and Valencia for not carrying identification either. “The RFEF must assume once and for all that the First Division of Women’s Soccer is, since last June 15, an official competition of a professional nature, and that its role during the process of constitution of the professional league is limited to assume in a provisional and limited way certain aspects of management and coordination of the competition “, valued the association of clubs.

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The Primera Iberdrola players made stoppages during the first 30 seconds of the matches last weekend “in protest of the situation they are experiencing” in view of the blocking of the professionalization process of the competition. At present, 12 Primera teams defend a proposal against the one proposed by Barça, Athletic Club and Real Madrid. These three teams did not have representatives at the press conference in which the AFE made public the threat of a strike, although according to the association the players of these three clubs had been informed in a previous meeting. Madrid CFF for the moment remains on the sidelines of both sides while the CSD claims a unanimous position. “The clubs must present a single proposal of Statutes for its validation. For our part, all the facilities have been deployed,” the Secretary of State for Sports, José Manuel Franco, commented last week in the Senate.

Rayo players have been denouncing for weeks that their working conditions “are still not worthy of a First team.” The AFE, which already denounced the club at the beginning of the season for not paying the rent of the houses where the players resided, has also denounced the club for not complying with the occupational risk plan after the Chilean Camila Sáez suffered a blow and did not there would be a doctor to attend to her. “What we have experienced cannot happen, we do not have a minimum that if the professional league is made we tend. We want it and we ask for it. It could have been a cardiac arrest in a game or training and we do not even have an ambulance,” he pointed out. Paula Andujar, captain of the Lightning.

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