Thursday, December 7

The kidnapping of justice

The salary of the judges is made up of the basic remuneration and the competences.

The salary of the judges is made up of the basic remuneration and the competences.

It is the title of the book masterfully written by Judge Joaquín Bosch, and the Director of, Ignacio Escolar, after reading such a book, I can now understand what is happening in our Spanish justice, warned by the European Council of State, for not having impartial mechanisms in the election of judges, both of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court, since to reach those Institutions, you can only get there through the hand of a political party, as happened recently, in the renewal of the Constitution, which after two years expired, finally the best did not arrive as they want the citizens to believe, doing the paripe of calling for vacancies, in which the judges who have these merits participate, who arrive in Madrid with allowances paid by all of us; Brazenly, the PP and the PSOE agreed and each one proposed two names, which were not the most appropriate, by the way, due to their connection with said parties, that is to say that it was an imposition and not a merit contest as it happens in the rest of European countries

Therefore, how will the PP consent to renew the CGPJ, expired three years ago, when they have so many cases pending. The book clearly explains how the different political parties have direct mechanisms to influence the appointments and the rewards or punishments to the judges with hidden maneuvers that influence the choice of the judges who will be in charge of investigating and sentencing the most sensitive cases. , such as the Gurtel case or the Kitchen case, which addresses the issue of corruption and obstruction of justice to protect the PP leadership; or the use of justice in the Catalan conflict; or the abuses that the bank is committing against the users in the matter of the claim of abusive clauses of the mortgages, etc …

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It must also be said that there are thousands of first instance judges, who have acceded due to harsh oppositions, and that with very few means they have addressed complicated issues and have applied the law without any political influence, such as the subject of the courts. of gender violence. Ultimately, citizens should not consent to the discredit that our justice has in the high institutions, so questioned and warned by the EU. We must demand a true separation of powers so that it does not happen like the case of King Juan Carlos, who said that justice was the same for everyone, but it has been shown that if it does not come to be for the justice of Switzerland, we do not find out about all the millionaire accounts that he has hidden from the Spanish hacienda and which will soon be filed without consequences, just like any of us who will defraud the hacienda, was already caught from minute one.

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