Monday, October 25

The King calls for a “national effort”: Neither the virus nor the crisis will subdue us

Felipe VI has been convinced that “neither the virus, nor the economic crisis will bend” the country and has asked citizens to undertake what he has called “a great national effort” with unity and solidarity to overcome “discouragement and mistrust “generated by the pandemic.

In his Christmas Eve speech from the Palacio de la Zarzuela focused on the pandemic, the king has admitted that the situation in Spain is “serious” given the economic and social damage caused by the coronavirus crisis, but has wanted to launch a message of optimism considering that there are reasons for hope.

“We are not a people that surrenders or resigns in bad times. It will not be easy to overcome this situation, and in each house you know it well. But I am convinced that we will move forward. With effort, togetherness and solidarity, Spain will move forward “, he encouraged.

Given the “truly exceptional” circumstances that Spain is going through, the monarch has focused the bulk of his Christmas message on the consequences of the health emergency and on his call for unity to face social and economic recovery.

The year that is now ending has been “very hard and difficult,” according to Felipe VI, so he has deemed it understandable that “discouragement or distrust” are very present in many homes, especially, where there is “an impossible void” due to those who died from covid-19, about 50,000, according to the Ministry of Health.

However, after acknowledging that the outlook is “serious”, he stressed that the response to the crisis “cannot come from the hand of more discouragement or more distrust.”

“We have to face the future with determination and confidence in ourselves, in what we are capable of doing together, with courage and hope, with confidence in our country and in our model of coexistence. We have reasons for this,” he stressed.

Faced with other similar scenarios experienced in recent decades, Felipe VI has recalled that he always came out afloat, so he has seen no reason to think that this time it will not be the case.

“Because neither the virus, nor the economic crisis are going to bend us,” he has sentenced in his Christmas message, which has come to reinforce his determination to breathe courage that has presided over his speeches in recent months.

Faced with the “enormous, but not insurmountable” challenges facing the country, Don Felipe has set the goal of undertaking “a great national and collective effort” to face recovery.

“A great national objective that must unite us all; that, as citizens, commits and obliges us all,” said the king, for whom Spain has “a strong society and a solid State” that helps to face the challenge.

The arrival of the vaccine represents a “great hope”, but the Head of State has demanded that citizens stay “forewarned and not lower their guard” as individual responsibility is “essential”.

So that the economic crisis does not lead to a social crisis, the king has defended putting people and families at the center, particularly young people, since “Spain cannot afford a lost generation.”

In addition to protecting the most vulnerable, it has abounded in the importance of supporting companies, the self-employed and merchants to consolidate the bases that define a horizon of “economic stability and confidence.”

The monarch had words of praise for the health workers, whom he once again thanked for their “enormous effort, their extraordinary professionalism and their great humanity with the sick.”

“We ask you to maintain all the courage and all the strength and that you continue to take care of our health,” he begged them before what may come in the coming months.

He has also valued the “efficiency and dedication” of the Armed Forces, security forces, emergency teams and other public servants who “have demonstrated their vocation of service and their full harmony” with society.

The king has highlighted the role of the European Union for its “firm” commitment in favor of economic recovery and sustainability with the aid plan for reconstruction, from which Spain will receive around 72,000 million euros in the next three years.

For Don Felipe, the EU offers “a historic opportunity to progress and advance” and opens “a new era” for Spain to “join in a common project to modernize” its economy and renew its production model.

“And establish with ambition and cohesion our collective role as members of the EU before the world,” he concluded.

Felipe VI, also on behalf of Queen Letizia, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía, has thanked the expressions of support received in recent months and wished for a new year “full of hope.”

“It will not be difficult for the year 2021 to improve to this 2020,” he presaged.

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