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The King encourages South Korea and Spain to “work together” to increase their potential

The Kings receive the President of the Republic of Korea, Moon Jae-in, and his wife, Kim Jung-sook.

The Kings receive the President of the Republic of Korea, Moon Jae-in, and his wife, Kim Jung-sook.

The Rey has encouraged this Wednesday to South Korea a “work together” to ensure that the economic relations between the two countries reach “the potential that corresponds” to two countries with a similar weight worldwide and with companies with an international vocation.

Felipe VI, accompanied by the Queen Letizia, has conveyed this wish in the toast of the dinner offered at the Royal Palace of Madrid to the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, on the occasion of his state visit to Spain, the first by a foreign president after the pandemic.

Moon, accompanied by his wife, Kim Jung-sook, will be three days divided between Madrid and Barcelona, with an agenda marked by economic and business interests.

According to the monarch, Spain and Korea share fundamental principles and values, “respect for the rule of law” and their multilateral commitment, as well as “unstoppable progress as consolidated democratic societies.”

In addition to the similarities in the political sphere, Don Felipe has highlighted those in the economic sphere, as Spain and Korea consolidated in the group of the most advanced economies. The Asian country is the eleventh in the world and the fourth in Asia, which makes Spain attractive in the face of the open reconstruction phase once the most acute phase of the pandemic has passed.

“With so many traits in common and with similar trajectories, the fields open for collaboration between our companies and our societies are very wide,” the monarch underlined. For this reason, he has called for “working together so that economic relations reach the potential that corresponds to two of the most advanced and dynamic economies in the world.”

Felipe VI has remarked that Spain feels “great admiration” for the importance that South Korea attaches to educational excellence and the capacity for innovation and development. of their companies.

He has defined the Asian country as “a solid partner” in the defense of peace and international stability, in the fight against terrorism or in the face of climate change.

The Kings have given the Korean president and his wife a sculpture of a Jacobean shell carved in gem on the occasion of the celebration of the Holy Year. “MThere is evidence of the interest of many of his compatriots to visit Spanish cities and to enjoy experiences such as the Camino de Santiago“, Don Felipe has highlighted before the attraction that the Jacobean route awakens in the Asian country.

Moon, 68 years old and in office since 2017, has agreed to highlight the common features of Spain and Korea after having overcome “the times of authoritarianism and consolidate democracy and economic development.”

Also that the citizens of both countries are “passionate, overflowing with affection and consider the values ​​of family and life in community important”.

“The Korean people love Spain”

The Korean people love Spain“, has proclaimed Moon, who has expressed his respect to the King for” leading with excellence “the Spanish” accompanying them and taking them by the hand in the process of overcoming the coronavirus. ”

Faced with the harsh impact of the pandemic, the King has congratulated himself that it is in difficult times when “true friends” and the ties of two geographically distant societies are discovered, but united by “solidarity and the will to work together to build A better future”.

The President of the Government attended the dinner of honor, Pedro Sanchez, and his wife, Begoña Gómez, and four ministers.

There was also the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, and the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who this week has placed the King at the center of the debate on the pardons that the Government plans to grant to the leaders of the ‘procés ‘imprisoned when asking if the head of state will sign the decree that formalizes them.

The anticovid sanitary measures have forced to reduce the number of guests to about 70, that have been distributed in round tables, instead of the elongated one that is used in the honor banquets of the leaders.

Moon will participate this Wednesday, with Sánchez in an economic forum in the Chamber of Commerce of Spain with representatives of large companies, including Korean tech companies LG and Samnsung.

In the afternoon, after visiting the Senate, will travel with Felipe VI to Barcelona to participate in the opening dinner of the Cerclé d’Economy meeting.

The visit will be completed on Thursday in the Catalan capital with a forum on tourism also with businessmen, although without the presence of the King.

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