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The King highlights in Cáceres the “effort” and “leadership” of family businesses to achieve the country’s achievements

Felipe VI upon his arrival at the Palacio de Congresos de Cáceres. / George King

Felipe VI inaugurates the XXV National Congress of Family Businesses, which brings together 500 businessmen

King Felipe VI inaugurated this Monday the XXV National Family Business Congress, which brings together nearly 500 businessmen from all over Spain in Cáceres, where he highlighted the “effort”, the “leadership” and the “sense of responsibility”. » of these companies to understand «many of the achievements that our country has achieved in the last three decades».

In his speech, Felipe VI highlighted the values ​​of the family business, which are “an intangible asset of enormous importance”, he said, around which people and projects are grouped in the same direction: “that of prosperity and the ambition of wanting to do things better, despite the difficulties of each moment”, collects EP

In his speech at the Palacio de Congresos in the capital of Cáceres, and in the presence of some of the representatives of large companies such as Inditex, Ferrovial or Banco Santander, among others, the King stressed that family businesses have the “advantage” to know better than anyone the problems and needs of the country.

Family photo of the King at the inauguration of the Congress. /

J. king

“Your leadership involves not only carrying out a business project, but ensuring that this project benefits employees, suppliers, customers, in short, the closest environment, generating and maintaining a local ecosystem with a positive impact for all those who participate in it”, he said.

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He also recalled the “difficult moments” derived from the pandemic, the increase in inflation or the “geopolitical tensions” as a result of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, which have “notorious effects on energy and food prices”. “It is in this environment, which is by no means simple, that you operate and also in which you have to make important decisions,” he stressed.

At the opening of this congress, which coincides with the thirtieth anniversary of the creation of the Family Business Institute (IEF), the president of the IEF, Andrés Sendagorta, and the president of the Junta de Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, also took part.

The King conveys his message of support to those affected by the fires this summer in the north of Cáceres

King Felipe VI has conveyed his message of support to those affected by the fires this summer in several regions in the north of Cáceres, such as Las Hurdes or Sierra de Gata, as well as to all the teams that participated in the extinction work.

“The month of August was really very complicated in some areas of Spain and we hope that, little by little, all the affected regions will recover”, His Majesty said in the opening speech at the XXV National Congress of Family Businesses, which brings together some 500 businessmen from the country in Cáceres.

Don Felipe has wished that “in the future” they can have “a greater capacity for prevention and rapid action in the face of fires”. It should be remembered that the monarch visited the Las Hurdes area in mid-July to learn first-hand about the work of the advanced center and the tasks of extinguishing the fire that affected the region of Cáceres and, now, he has once again wanted to convey his support to the neighbors affected.

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