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The King urges to be inspired by the values ​​of the Camino Xacobeo to face the crisis

Felipe VI has inaugurated the I World Xacobeo Congress.

Felipe VI has inaugurated the I World Xacobeo Congress.

King Felipe VI has urged to “be inspired” by the values ​​of the Ruta Xacobea to face the current “adverse circumstances” in the face of the crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic because “they require reinforcing the affections between people, communities and nations.”

During the inauguration of the I World Xacobeo Congress, at the Fonseca Palace in Santiago de Compostela, he announced that will travel to Galicia on July 25 to make the traditional Offering to the Apostle Santiago, on the occasion of the celebration of the Holy Year.

The monarch has considered that “the pilgrim can walk alone, but feeling part of a community that helps and encourages them“and has thanked, in Galician,” the effort and good response of the Galician people “to the pandemic.

“I want to take advantage of my presence here to to acknowledge the effort and good response of the Galician people to be able to overcome this complicated situation reaching a lower incidence of the disease “, he said in Galician language.

Because “Facing such a complex moment also requires additional inner strength“which Felipe VI believes can be found in” traditions that, despite being born in a ‘tempo and in a place’, are now universal “, such as that of the Xacobeo.

Therefore, he has said that these difficult times “require be inspired by the roads that have united Galicia and all of Spain“, since” despite the borders, the conflicts and the opposing ideologies, there is a common substratum “.

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The minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, and the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who agreed with the king that the values ​​of the Camino are “the same that should bring everyone together, have also participated in the event. the Spanish”.

Upon arrival, Felipe VI has been received by a group of people who shouted “Long live the king” with a banner with the slogan “Constitution and monarchy” andAt the exit, already with many pilgrims gathered, the cheers were repeated and chanted the name of the monarch to bid him farewell.

“An unusual case”

Before leaving the Compostela cloister, the Rey visited the Library of America, where he signed in the honor book of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). This is the first time he has visited the University of Compostela as monarch, since the last time was for the celebration of its V centenary in 1996.

In his speech this Thursday he praised the Jacobean tradition as “an unusual case” because the Jacobean paths “have transcended time and are precursors of what could be called a spiritual globalization.”

After emphasizing that “Europe was made on a pilgrimage to Compostela”, as Goethe said, he cited as a virtue of the Way that of “making the local and the global compatible”.

Too a highlighted the transformation involved in doing the Camino because, as he has said, citing the writer Paulo Coelho -whose admission to the Xacobea Academy is celebrated today- “Santiago is not the end of the Camino but the beginning”.

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Already in Galician, he assured that his presence at this inaugural act “wants to maintain the tradition of so many monarchs who encouraged, defended and disseminated the Jacobean tradition, knowing that it was the manifestation of concerns rooted in the deepest popular feeling.”

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has assured that, despite the pandemic, from Galicia “a flag is raised again to overcome difficult moments” and in this Xacobeo 2021-2022 the pilgrims will once again find “inspiration and tranquility” in this land.

That is why the first objective has been to make Galicia “a healthy and safe destination”, beyond the fact that the activity related to the Xacobeo accounts for 10% of the community’s GDP and involves up to 70,000 jobs.

The Minister of Industry has expressed, for her part, the Government’s commitment to this celebration and has detailed some of the cultural activities of the “broad program” that will take place this year, as well as the development of the national tourism plan Xacobeo 21-22 focused on promote the Camino as a “backbone and cohesion tourist project of the territory”.

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