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The lack of control of the covid slows the growth of hotel reservations

And all on the day that he UK announced that removes quarantine upon return from vacation for your vaccinated next Monday, July 19. The uncontrolled rise of the covid pandemic in Spain in general, and in particular in the Valencian Community, where the incidence of infections has tripled in just one month, just when practically all restrictions were lifted, it fills up again with shadows the future of the tourist high season, which has started reasonably well but can be stopped at any time. In fact, in recent days the pace of hotel reservations has slowed. Yesterday it was the French government -800,000 tourists a year on the Costa Blanca-that recommended its citizens not to travel to Spain, and although the British Executive lifts on the 19th the obligation to quarantine its tourists vaccinated with two doses when they return from a country in “amber”, the doubts, now, in the sector are whether the unstoppable list of infections will cause Spain to go “red”, and then the return of British tourism was over in August.

France, the second largest source of foreign tourists to the Costa Blanca, advises against traveling to Spain


But the worst would be, as he underlined Victoria Puche, president of the Provincial Association of Hotels of Alicante, that the increase in the incidence in the Valencian Community ends up affecting national tourism, which currently represents 98% of hotel occupancy. «We are very worried and the truth is that we are forcing the rope ourselves. Specifically, the group formed by youths, between their twenties and thirties, who is not aware of the seriousness of the infections, and who thinks that spending a few days at home with a fever is enough, but also some entrepreneurs, the least, who do not comply with the rules. We are playing a lot And we can’t relax We demand, of course, also a greater effort in the rate of vaccination, “said Puche.

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For now, the hotel management has verified that thes national tourism reserves They do not come in with the joy of late June, and the British are simply for the fall. Thursday, while France advised against traveling to Spain, the United Kingdom opened its hand convinced that, despite the increase in incidence, we must learn to live with the covid.

Nuria Montes, Secretary of General of Hosbec, He shares the general concern of the sector “because the news that is published every day about the increase in the incidence of covid is devastating, despite the fact that, for the moment, hospital pressure is acceptable. And it is no less true that the risk of contagion is in your own home, as much or more than in a hotel, where the measures are strictly adhered to ». Montes calls for vaccination, individual responsibility, and also that “we change the chip and learn to live with the covid as we have done with the flu. The numbers of infections have skyrocketed but the severity is no longer the same.

The increase in incidence yesterday even left the good news that the UK has abolished the obligation to keep quarantine on the return of countries on the “amber” list of risk, such as, for now, Spain, for fully vaccinated people, as confirmed by the Minister of Transport, Grant Shapps. “From 19 July, UK residents who are fully vaccinated will not have to self-isolate when they return to England.” The new rule implies that, for fully vaccinated travelers, the requirements will be the same as for the green list countries. Travelers with the full guideline will be exempt from quarantine, but will have to undergo a PCR on the second day of returning to the country.

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Meanwhile, on the other side of the Channel La Mancha, the French Government advises its citizens since yesterday to book vacations in Spain and Portugal due to the explosion of infections in these two countries, which are among its main tourist destinations, and is studying applying travel restriction measures. “Those who have not yet booked, avoid Portugal and Spain in their destinations,” said the Secretary of State for European Affairs on France 2 television. Clement Beaune, that he said that “it is an advice of prudence, a recommendation in which I insist”. Beaune justified it because the situation there is “particularly worrying” and specified that “in the next few days there could be a reinforcement of the measures.” This is not good news for the Costa Blanca, where French tourism is second in importance and the airport has direct links to Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulousse, Metz and Marseille.

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