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The lack of wind leaves the fleet on land on the first day of the Cutty Sark FKSS Palamós

Palamós (Gerona)



The weather conditions have prevented competition today in the Cutty Sark FKSS 2021 Palamós. After a good day of training yesterday, there was no competition today, but the fleet is already waiting for tomorrow when the report brings optimism to the participants again. The Race Committee waited until 3:50 p.m. to make the suspension official, since the intention is always to speed up the options of making sleeves as much as possible.

The Committee, which has the support of the Club Náutic Costa Brava & Vela Palamós, tried everything and already summoned the fleet in Platja Gran de Palamós first thing in the morning to try to take advantage of the initial meteorological window of the day. But the wind never exceeded four knots and it was impossible to make exits. The arrival of the rain did nothing more than complicate the situation and in the end there was no choice but to cancel the entire day. Nor could any output be given in the F-One FKSS Amateur class.

But the fleet is confident that tomorrow can be a great day of competition as the part is much more promising. A day more similar to those of Thursday and Friday in which the sailors were able to have magnificent conditions in the famous Palamós race course. It will be like a sprint championship in which everyone will fight for victory in the Cutty Sark FKSS 2021 Palamós.

Jacobo Espí and Sebastián Ducos during the interview at the Cutty Sark FKSS 2021
Jacobo Espí and Sebastián Ducos during the interview at the Cutty Sark FKSS 2021 – Toni Forqués

Ducos and Espí, rivals and friends

Sebastián Ducos and Jacobo Espí are two of the best-positioned Spanish sailors to be at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in the specialty of Formula Kite. They are both Valencian and young and both are more than good friends. Reaching Paris is the dream of both and they know that whoever succeeds will have taken the other off the Olympic path. But friendship prevails between them.

The two were in Mallorca a week ago, they are regulars at the Cutty Sark FKSS circuit, and before that they already met in the concentration of the Spanish National Team of the specialty. Sebastián explains about the start of the year: “We have had a good start to the season. The fact of finally being able to enter the water to train and compete is very appreciated ”. While Jacobo points out: “The truth is that each season we like this specialty more, every day there is more competition and this sport is very fun.”

Espí, despite today’s bad day, is very happy in the second spot of the season in Palamós: “This is an incredible place with a very wide bay, very transparent water and we think it is a great place to compete.”

They both have the same dream. In three years in French waters the Olympic Games will be held. And one of the two can represent Spain in this discipline. Sebastian points out: “Paris is still far away. Out of the water we are colleagues at the top, but in the water the bite is noticeable and you have to go to win “. To which Jacobo points out: “In competition between us we try not to get involved and not harm each other, but there is always the fact of trying to be as high as possible”.

Both are faithful to the Cutty Sark FKSS that they see as an ally in their sporting progression in Formula Kite: “The FKSS helps us a lot because apart from training it gives us the motivation of the competition. And here we have a great level ”, Sebastian says. In Palamós there are 54 registered in Open and that are already big words. But if the good expectations with the Covid allow more people to come to the circuit, Jacobo is already thinking about what can happen with many more people competing: “Fear they will give the exits when the Covid is over and many more people may come than now they cannot, it will be necessary to see if we have to give two exits …” But what is evident is that the greater the presence of sailors, the more level there will be in the competition: “If the fleet goes up, it will surely be a lot of fun and it will be much more demanding for everyone. Measuring yourself with the best is how you can improve the most ”they say in unison.

The two come from a family closely related to kite and water sports. His parents travel with them to competitions in Spain and this is how Sebastián talks about his relationship with his father, the representative in Spain of the F-One firm: “My father leaves me quite free, he knows that I manage well alone”. Jacobo is now also more ‘free’: “Mine leaves me looser now because it is initiating my sister and has left me a little calmer”. And it is no coincidence that both are sailors, they talk about “Family predestination”. “Families are very important because entering this sport from a family that does not practice it is very complicated”, they say.

And another coincidence between them is that they are Valencians. Like all the male members of the Spanish Formula Kite team. What does Valencia have? Sebas begins with a joke: “The horchata”… Although it points: “I think the climate that allows you to sail many days a year with weaker winds”. Jacobo explains his reasons: “I am lucky to be able to train with Alejandro Climent and that has helped me a lot”.

And after Palamós the Cutty Sark FKSS will stop at the Pinedo Beach in Valencia at the hands of the Real Club Náutico Valencia: “See you in Valencia! It was about time we were able to compete at home! ”, say these two friends and rivals.

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