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The last chance to find Yéremi

Yéremi disappeared 14 years ago while playing with her cousins ​​in a field

Yéremi disappeared 14 years ago while playing with her cousins ​​in a field

“I would like to recover what there is of my son, that is my goal, it is the goal of my entire family and I would like justice to go to the end.” Ithaisa Suárez, mother of Yéremi Vargas, appreciates the efforts of all those who have made it possible that, after years of struggle, Court number 2 of San Bartolomé de Tirajana (Gran Canaria) ordered the reopening of the case of the disappearance of her son, which had been closed since 2017. Once the period within which the Prosecutor’s Office could present allegations (five days) has elapsed, a new period begins to carry out new proceedings. It is twelve months – which could be extended – to find Yéremi. One year to try to find out who kidnapped the 7-year-old boy from his home in Vecindario (Gran Canaria) and what he did with him. “I trust in justice and I beg the culprit, whose name we all already know, hand over what is left of Yéremi. If the child is not alive, which is most likely, I beg you to give me what is there so that I can bury him. We need it”.

Against the criteria of the Civil Guard, the judge closed the case considering that there were not enough indications to impute anything to Antonio Ojeda

‘The blond’

The mother refers to Juan Antonio Ojeda, ‘El Rubio’, the sexual aggressor of another child and who has always been in the spotlight as the main suspect. While Ojeda was serving a sentence for the sexual assault of another minor, he explained to several fellow prisoners what he had done with Yéremi. He even confessed that “the child turned blue.” Yéremi was cyanotic, a condition that caused her skin to take on that hue in severe stress situations. “No one outside of the closest family could know him, much less Antonio Ojeda,” his relatives have affirmed.

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Against the criteria of the Civil Guard, the judge closed the case in 2017 when he considered that there was not enough evidence to charge him anything. Investigators maintain that El Rubio is the author of the kidnapping.

The boy’s family, represented by the lawyer Marcos García-Montes, has requested that new proceedings be agreed and presented at least three indications on which they rely. They ask for the abstention of the previous investigating judge; They request that a witness (then a minor) testify that he saw the car of ‘El Rubio’ near Yéremi’s house on the day of the kidnapping, and they require that it be investigated how Ojeda could know those intimate details of the child

Fourteen years of searching

It was the toy of the house, the pampered and adored. Premature. Small, restless, lively, nervous and happy. Yéremi Vargas Suárez was born on July 18, 2000. The thing about “Yéremi”, with Y, came by mistake, although it became a symbol. When they made the posters after his disappearance – prisoners of fear and nerves – they were wrong to write it. There is no other name that identifies you more.

Lively, nervous, happy, Yéremi was the darling of the house

That Saturday, March 10, 2007, Yeri, as she is called at home, did her homework with her cousin. Together they went to play the console and, later, to the open field, with the rest of the cousins. When the chicken was on the table, the children entered. Everyone except Yéremi. His relatives looked everywhere, they searched tirelessly inside and outside the house. They toured parks, streets, greenhouses. “Don’t look for him, Yeri has been taken away,” said her grandfather. Some time later, the yellow beach cube he was playing with when he was kidnapped appeared on a nearby street.

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Yéremi’s father, discarded

In the midst of this trance, Juan Francisco Vargas, the father of the missing child, has been denounced three times for alleged sexual abuse of three minors (his daughter, and two daughters of an ex-partner). Vargas was investigated for the disappearance of his son, but was ruled out. Ithaisa herself has asked that these cases not be linked to the disappearance of her son. Investigated for sexual abuse, the man is free, but with a restraining order towards the complainants.

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