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The last temptation | Fani and Lucia, two possible infidels exposed

The last temptation |  Two possible infidels, exposed

The last temptation | Two possible infidels, exposed

Let a program start in Telecinco and that the spoilers begin to come to light is all one. We already lived it last year with the latest edition of ‘The island of temptations’, in which even a sex video of one of the participants with a suitor.

This year Mediaset bets on the spin off of this famous reality show that has given him so many joys: ‘The last temptation’. Last night Telecinco aired the first chapter of this program of which two previews have already been broadcast as a presentation of the couples. But in addition, the reality offered as an advance some images of what we could see on the island. Fundamentally parties, flirtations and goofs. See something without seeing anything. But nothing escapes the attentive eye of social networks, which have been in charge of revealing the protagonists of these hot pictures.

Does Fani fall into temptation again?

All or almost all eyes in this edition are on a couple: Christofer fans. Hard not to remember the famous’ ¡Stephaniiiiiiiiiaaaaa! ” of this broken boyfriend running down a beach trying to find an explanation for his partner’s infidelity. Therefore the bets were if Fani would repeat the experience. And from what we have seen it seems so.

In one of the images, just a frame, Fani can be seen in the pool with a beer in hand and hugged in a very affectionate way to a stocky young man. He’s having a great time, come on. How could it be otherwise, the networks have investigated the profiles of the suitors and have discovered that it is Julian, an old acquaintance of the house. The tattoo and the platinum blonde have given him away. Will this approach mean a new crisis in Fani and Crhristofer’s relationship?

Lucia no longer howls for her Wolf

In the latest edition of ‘The island of temptations’, Lucía experienced an important sway of emotions. His couple, ManuelHe was unfaithful to her not once, twice, with beautiful girls from the house while she was shedding tears. She found comfort off the island in Isaac, her recent friend’s recent boyfriend Marina, also a contestant on the reality show and who gave his Jesus a ticket to go with this ‘Wolf’.

So what better show than ‘The Last Temptation’ to put your new love to the test. Manuel and Marina also enters the equation of this new reality show and here she comes where they kill her. The pool is once again the scene of the contestants’ horns and Lucía is one of them. In the images that can be seen in Telecinco The Andalusian woman is seen very caramelized with a boy in the pool. A boy whose face is not visible but his cap is.

So the investigation has started and … surprise! That boy is Manuel. The Wolf on the island will howl with grief or try to lick his wounds with another.

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