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The latest fashion tip to remove accumulated fat and cellulite effortlessly

Cellulite, the famous accumulation of fat, is an aesthetic issue that worries a large part of the population: the solution is the electric massagers.

They are the ones who suffer the most, regardless of their physical condition.

Obviously, the less body fat one has, the less cellulitis will appear.

But even people with a thin complexion are not rid of those unsightly lumps that appear on the thighs, hips and abdomen.

Age, genes, and skin thickness also play a role.

Doctors recommend that, to show off an enviable figure and cellulite free, the best way is to combine a balanced diet with physical exercise.

However, there are many people who, due to the hectic pace of life, find it impossible to find time to put on their shoes. sneakers and go for a run or go to the gym for a bit.

Favorite: Solac Sculptural ME7711

Solac Sculptural ME7711.

The anti-cellulite massager Solac sculptural ME7711 it is simply spectacular.

It does not work miracles, but if you use it consistently results are visible in a few weeks.

That is why both users and experts classify it as the best in its category.

In addition to reducing cellulite, improves circulation and expels toxins and excess fat and water accumulated.

To achieve this, it is equipped with a system lipo-molder triple action: infrared, eccentric circular massage and pneumatic pressure.

It includes six heads interchangeable with differentiated uses according to needs:

  • Pre-Treatment, ideal for stubborn cellulite and muscle aches;
  • Anti-Cellulite, head to tone muscles, prevent sagging and improve blood supply;
  • Body-Contour, specific to perform lymphatic drainage in the thighs and buttocks;
  • Body-Contour Piel Sensible, with a fabric protector for the most delicate skins;
  • Body-Modeling, ideal head for tired legs;
  • and the head of Massage Balls, which tightens the skin and, in areas such as the belly, eliminates toxins and improves intestinal transit.

As can be seen, the Solac Sculptural anti-cellulite massager has several functions adaptable to each person and skin type.

Also, its powerful motor performs the task without difficulty and offers four power levels.

One of the characteristics that specialists like the most and that helps improve results is that it can be used in combination with any reducing, firming or anti-cellulite cream, helping them to better penetrate the skin.

For those who do not want to do without the device or when they go on a trip, the Solac Sculpture comes equipped with a carry bag which also allows you to store it together with all its accessories until the next session.

Another good option: Ardes ARD M240

Ardes ARD M240.

Ardes may not be as renowned as Solac’s favorite, but your professional anti-cellulite massager 4 in 1 it offers excellent results and is one of the most popular due to its excellent quality / price ratio.

Has four heads replaceable. Two of them work on different types of cellulite and the other two have one draining and massaging function to treat areas of the body that are contracted or tired.

It’s great because, in this way, its use is not only limited to eliminate cellulite.

The other members of the family will also take advantage of the multifunctionality of the device.

The Ardes incorporates a motor with intensity regulator.

So you can choose a massage deep or soft depending on the type of cellulite or treatment required at all times.

In addition to the different heads, it includes a infrared light that gives heat to the area to soften adipose tissues, improve circulation and relieve muscle tension.

If to this we add specific creams or oils for cellulite or, for example, tired legs, the results will be noticeably optimized.

This summer you have a beautiful figure thanks to the Ardes professional anti-cellulite massager.

We recommend its purchase because, with a few minutes a day, you will reduce the unsightly and annoying signs of cellulite and orange peel without leaving home or making a large investment.

Like the comparison favorite, it includes a Makeup bag to carry the device and accessories on the road in a discreet and orderly manner.

The most professional among electric massagers: Glo 910+

Cellulite Massager with Infrared Therapy.


If what you are looking for is a professional anti-cellulite massager for home use, the Glo 910+ it will exceed your expectations.

Of that we are sure because it is the most professional of the list.

The price increases, and more than if we compare it with the rest of the models.

But it is at the top of the anti-cellulite massagers on the market because it uses systems that no other device incorporates, and has been developed in Europe by a team of physiotherapists and doctors.

He is the only one who performs a subdermal massage Through phototherapy with which it stimulates the creation of collagen, activates the lymphatic system and shapes the silhouette, eliminating cellulite and localized fat.

And, you ask yourself: how does he do it? Well through the Slim Tech photo light technology which combines LED bulbs with infrared light and mechanical massage.

In this way the heat reaches the deepest levels of the skin (subdermal) to recover its elasticity and undo the irregular lumps of fat that cellulite produces.

The functioning of this treatment also involves the four interchangeable heads that includes the Glo 910+ and they serve for different uses of beauty and health: lymphatic drainage, cellulite, exfoliation and massages.

Although it is somewhat bulky due to its volume, its body is ergonomic and comfortable to handle, since it only weighs half a kilo.

It also hides a powerful but silent engine that has an auto-shutdown system after 20 minutes.

Experts recommend not affecting the same massage area for a very long time to avoid causing skin damage.

Finally, it should be noted that it has a 3 meter long cable that makes it easy to use and comes with a carrying bag.

Medisana AC 855: like the palm of your hand

Medisana AC 855 88545.

Four words are enough to describe the Medisana AC 855 anti-cellulite massager: powerful, compact, ultra-efficient and lightweight.

This device that occupies the palm of the hand performs a fantastic massage that combines the technique of vacuum, vibration and infrared light.

With these drainage systems it is possible to tighten the skin to relieve the most painful cellulite, as well as stimulate circulation, metabolism and lymphatic flow.

Medisana’s AC 855 anti-cellulite massager can be used daily and for long periods without risk of damaging the skin.

During use it is possible to select various massage intensities.

For example, for painful cellulite it is recommended to start with low power and increase the intensity after several uses.

Unlike other models that offer more functions, this is a pure and hard anti-cellulite massager with a single head non-removable and with no other purpose than to destroy cellulite.

Best price: Renpho

RENPHO Rechargeable Wireless Deep Percussion Massager for the back.

There are people who cannot afford to go to a beauty center to eliminate cellulite or to a physiotherapist to soften their muscle contractures.

For them there are electric massagers such as those of the Renpho brand, specially designed for domestic use and that combines the quality and price.

This brand has always been linked to physiotherapy to offer solutions of innovative, safe and efficient wellness and beauty.

That is why he has devised a device that combines vibration high intensity with the heat emitted by infrared.

The Renpho includes five heads to perform different treatments.

Two of them are intended to combat cellulite by means of wavy massages of acupressure or to combine with reducing or anti-inflammatory creams.

The other two, for therapeutic use, serve to alleviate the cervical strains or remove dead skin from the entire body. A real home spa, don’t you think?

This model stands out because the speed is adjusted at any time and because its ergonomic design helps in handling.

The characteristics most praised by physiotherapists are its functions to relieve muscle tension, so it is strongly recommended for athletes and people who are subjected to high loads of stress.

Electric massager against cellulite.

Use electric massagers

That is why there are people who turn to anti-cellulite massagers.

Some devices that in recent years are becoming fashionable to combat it.

It is a device classified as the best in its category for the amount of heads which includes and for the excellent results obtained after prolonged use over time.

Also, without being the cheapest, it has a fairly affordable price that around 50 euros.

What are electric massagers?

Anti-cellulite massagers are devices that, as their name suggests, perform massages through different types of heads and rollers, infrared light or even vacuum function.

Let’s not forget that cellulitis It is the accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous area, that is, in the one immediately under the skin.

With these systems that have been listed, it is possible to improve blood circulation, reach the deepest layers of the skin and perform a great lymphatic drainage.

After this work it is achieved eliminate accumulated fat, tone and smooth the skin.

There are models that, in addition to attacking cellulite, incorporate special heads for exfoliate skin or perform a massage to eliminate muscle tension.

On the other hand, others are exclusively anti-cellulite massagers.

The best advice we can give you is to choose a massager that has various intensity levels because there are delicate areas of our body, such as the arms or the chest, where applying a high power is painful.

In fact, beauty experts recommend starting low and increasing it over time and not overexposing the area to be treated.

Some devices have a auto power off so as not to cause damage to the skin. Read the instructions well!

Also in some models you can add creams or anti-cellulite, anti-inflammatory or firming oils that will help the massage to penetrate the skin better.

On the other hand, the weight and size of the appliance are factors that must also be taken into account.

Prolonged use can load the arms and end up being a nuisance, in addition to making it difficult to transport if we want to take it, for example, on a trip.

Most brands include toiletry bags in the price to store it.

Now you know, roughly, the main characteristics of an electric massager.

But there is something that does not depend on the device. The results depend on the constancy and the daily routine.

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