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The Latest Vaping Technologies You Should Know About

Most people learned about vaping in 2003. Since then, innovations in this industry have continued to evolve. Vaporizers are some of the electronic devices that have benefited from technological advances over the years. Over the years, vapers have gone from simple electronic heating devices to advanced, robust parts that manufacturers design to optimize the overall vaping experience. The current market has different models and brands of vaping devices. However, these devices have three essential components: a cartridge with your preferred e-liquid and a battery to heat the liquid. The other component is the vaporization chamber that contains the vapor before the user inhales it.

Although vaporizers may be simple in design, they provide a viable alternative to smoking. For example, the best dry herb vaporizer ( allows you to switch from traditional smoking to vaping. That’s because it heats the dried herb by producing steam instead of the smoke that comes with smoking from combustion.

But for these devices to be viable, they need to be easy to use, cost conscious, and add value to users’ overall vaping experience. And this explains the ever-changing technologies around vaping. Essentially, manufacturers want to produce devices that will revolutionize vaping. If you are looking for the most innovative vaping products, these are the latest vaping technologies that you should know about.

Better POD systems

Investigate indicates that some experts still insist that vaping is safer than traditional smoking. Therefore, they encourage smokers to turn to vaping for health reasons. But because vaping is relatively new, more research is needed to determine its long-term health effects compared to traditional smoking.

For this reason, vaping device manufacturers are making functional and compact products to allow their customers to use them more conveniently, as they would with traditional cigarettes. The popularity of portable vaporizers has grown in recent years as more users seek convenient ways to vaporize concentrates, herbs, and oils.

Essentially, manufacturers have improved current products over traditional e-cigarette technology. For example, today’s market has vaporizers that use innovative pod systems to conserve battery life.


Initially, a marijuana vaporizer would use a three-part mechanism comprising an atomizer, a battery, and a cartridge. This mechanism was relatively simple, but it produced the desired steam. However, vaporizer technology has undergone a significant revolution since experts introduced a cartomizer.

Many people know the cartridge and the atomizer. However, they don’t know much about a cartomizer. This feature combines the cartridge and the atomizer in one unit. Essentially, the cartomizer makes vaping devices easier to use, which improves convenience.

Initially, only one brand used the cartomizer. However, this feature has become standard technology in different vaporizers. Although newer vaping devices may have similar cartomizer base technology, their improved designs make them more convenient to use.

Sub-Ohm Technology

Vaping devices with Sub-Ohm technology have a coil whose resistance is less than 1.0 ohms. If you are not familiar with this technology, you may be wondering why it is essential. Manufacturers of vaping devices have used Sub-Ohm to significantly improve vaping quality.

These days, you can get a dry herb vaporizer that produces thick, flavorful clouds due to the sub-ohm technology that makes it easy to increase the cooking temperature. With devices that use this technology, vaporizers get powerful hits with the Direct to Lung vaping technique. And these hits satisfy vape cravings better and faster.

Conventional vaping involves breathing the vapor into the vape’s mouth and inhaling it so that it reaches the lungs slowly. On the other hand, DTL allows the vaper to suck directly into the lungs, providing a better kick.

At first, getting directly to the lungs was tricky with older technologies. However, sub-Ohm technology made it possible.

Smart technology

Most of the people expected this groundbreaking technology after the introduction of chipsets in vaping devices. However, many people did not think that technology would arrive so quickly. Today, the best vaporizer allows the user to activate most of its functions with their voice.

Consequently, controlling vape devices is now easier with voice technology. However, this is not easy because it requires basic computer skills to adjust the settings. Also, these devices are now larger because they need space for such functions.

However, the voice function allows the user to control the temperature, the wattage and activate the shutdown. Although these devices are available in today’s market, their regulations limit your sales.

Final thoughts

The main goal of vaping technologies was to replace conventional smoking. However, vaping technology has evolved to incorporate modern computer technology into vapers. Some of the improvements may seem simple, but they are having a significant impact on vapers and non-vapers. For example, some people love the idea that they can now control their devices by talking to them. Also, the fun of using vaping devices has led even non-smokers to adopt the habit. Also, vaping companies continually make devices that look sophisticated and trendy.

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