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The lawyers of the Congress leave in the hands of PSOE and Podemos the sanction to Rufián for revealing secrets




The lawyers of the Congress leave in the hands of the majority of the Table (PSOE and Podemos) the decision to sanction the ERC spokesman, Gabriel Rufián, for revealing secrets related to the CNI, according to the technical report to which ABC has had access. The analysis of the jurists of the Chamber does not submit any proposal to the Table, limiting itself to reviewing the facts and the parliamentary regulations applicable in this case.

The Table has been meeting since 9:30 a.m., the most important point on the agenda being Cs’s request that this case be analyzed and sanctions against Rufián be assessed after last Thursday, the Republican made public issues explained by the director of the CNI, Peace Stephen, during his appearance before the Commission for the Control of Reserved Expenses for the Pegasus case. Esteban’s explanations were secret and Rufián, like the rest of the attendees, had been informed of it.

The report of the lawyers recalls that the deputies “are obliged to adapt their conduct” to the Regulation as well as “not to disclose the actions that, according to the provisions of the former, may exceptionally have the character of being secret.” And he adds that the parliamentarian who contravenes this mandate may be deprived by decision of the Table “of some or all rights.”

From here, he exposes Rufián’s statements denounced by Cs as constituting an infraction and which would be the following: “The Director of the National Intelligence Center (CNI), Peace Stephenhas recognized that the pro-independence supporters were spied on by the intelligence services, always under judicial authorization».

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Besides, Ruffian He added «that the incursion into the phones of the rest of those investigated, who were not tapped by the CNIcould have two origins: either a foreign power, or »uncontrolled organisms« of the Spanish State itself, and that «although the intelligence services tapped the telephones of various pro-independence leaders with judicial authorization, there are other wiretaps that have not been made by the intelligence center».

As for the sanctions that could be derived, Ciudadanos demands that Rufián be excluded from the so-called official secrets commission and that his right to collect data, reports or documents that are discussed in it be suspended.

The Regulation establishes that the Table of Congress “in view of the seriousness of the conduct or the damage caused by affecting the security of the State” may raise the imposition of punishment on the deputy to the plenary session. The sanction agreement of the Table must be motivated and indicate the extension and duration of the sanctions, »which may also be extended to the aliquot part of the subsidy« of the parliamentary group.

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