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The left criticizes the technical appointment to the front of Cooperation: “It is the straw that broke the camel’s back”

The former deputy and new head of service Pilar Sol and the Councilor for Cooperation, María Conejero.

The former deputy and new head of service Pilar Sol and the Councilor for Cooperation, María Conejero.

The technical relay at the head of the Department of Immigration, Cooperation and Volunteering of the Alicante City Council, has generated criticism among the municipal left. And all due to the decision of the councilor María Conejero (of Ciudadanos) to designate the municipal official Pilar Sol, a former regional deputy of the PP, as new head of service.

“This is the last straw, we recognize the will that Mrs. María Conejero puts in the councils that she manages (Equality, Cooperation, Volunteering and Immigration), but we also recognize her inability to manage them,” says the municipal spokesman for Compromís, Natxo Bellido, who continues his criticism: “They do not say anything, nor do they oppose, the Ordinance of Shame that directly affects their area of ​​Equality. It says nothing, nor does anything, about reversing the ax blows agreed between Mr. Barcala and the extreme right that reduce 40% once again its areas such as Cooperation. And, finally, it chooses as head of service a former PP deputy who is sadly famous for making statements insinuating that people who collect the Valencian Inclusion Income do so in some cases to buy plasma televisions. ” “We are aware that this deputy I apologize, we do not doubt her technical capacity, but if we are clearly in the defense of Human Rights in the city, of the comparsa party that is Ciudadanos,” Belido concludes.

In the same line it has positioned ehe spokesperson for United We Can, Xavier López: “The appointment of the former PP deputy shows the drift of Ciudadanos towards far-right positions and shows us that the authentic councilor for Equality and Cooperation is Mario Ortolá, and that it is Vox who directs the management and budget of the area. The appointment in a Such a sensitive area for the social policies of someone who made unfortunate aporophobic statements for which he rose to fame, it seems absolutely wrong to us and they follow the line of confrontation with the entities and NGDOs and the path taken for the liquidation of this council after the cuts supported by the three rights and the PSOE in the accounts that were submitted for approval last Tuesday “. López emphasizes that “the abstention in the vote on the CVONGD proposal has shown a paripe and we not only demand the reversal of the economic cuts but also the restitution of the previous technique.”

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With the appointment of Pilar Sol as the new head of the Cooperation service, a key vacancy for the management of the municipal area was filled that occurred at the end of November, when the mayor decided to dismiss the until then head of the service, claiming that it was “a position of free appointment and when confidence is lost, the transfer is requested”. In addition, the councilor added to justify the technical change that the decision sought to “give the council a turn.”

Almost three months after that controversial dismissal, there is already a designated name to fill the position of a council that has been and will continue to be scrutinized by the cuts demanded by Vox in order not to block the Budget and that during this 2021 they will have to be reversed in part (in the middle) so that the budget pact reached between Citizen and the PSOE is fulfilled. This is Pilar Sol, who was mayor of Aigües between 2003 and 2011 and regional deputy from 2011 to 2015. Always, under the acronym of the PP. At that stage in the Valencian Courts, the popular starred in a controversy by accusing needy people of wasting the aid received. It was during a parliamentary debate in the social policy commission, which generated significant criticism from the opposition. «There are cases of families that are in situations of need and that perhaps later bought plasma televisions or used the money [de las ayudas] for things not so appropriate, “said the newly elected head of the Cooperation service at the City Council.

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Those words prompted a later apology. And not only yours («My utmost respect and support to the people who need the RentaGC [renta garantizada de ciudadanía]. The example cited has been an irregularity detected that harms the most needy “), but also of the then president of the Generalitat, the also popular Alberto Fabra (” They were very unfortunate statements. They disrespect so many people who they are having a bad time.

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