Sunday, September 26

The left rejects the cessions of Cs to Vox in Alicante: «They move us away from the Budget»

The spokesmen of the left, along with Barcala and Sánchez, in a plenary session prior to the pandemic.

The transfers to the Vox ultras in the form of budget cuts in social areas have not liked the Alicante left, with which the bipartisan, especially Citizens, intends to agree on the accounts for 2021 in search of maximum consensus. This was one of the demands of the ultra formation to abstain and thus unlock the next Municipal budget. The anger of the progressive groups was public this Friday, in the middle of the negotiation process, after unveiling this newspaper that Ciudadanos had finally agreed to reduce the items in Cooperation and Immigration seeking to ensure the approval of the accounts under pressure from his partner, the PP. “Today we are further away than yesterday from approving the Budgets … If we no longer accepted a reduction in the Equality accounts, we did not accept more cuts in Cooperation and Immigration”, said the socialist Francesc Sanguino.

In the same vein, the leader of Compromís was shown, Natxo Bellido: «We have already expressed our displeasure at the cuts in Equality and especially in Cooperation. Therefore, if new cuts are confirmed in these areas, it means that Barcala and Cs have already chosen partners for these Budgets, and it is not Compromís ». In the opinion of the orange coalition, the processing of the Municipal budget for 2021 has once again demonstrated the imbalance of forces within the government team: “Unfortunately, we see how the PP criterion has been re-imposed. Ciudadanos is unable to maintain a political position for more than two days, bowing his head once again before Barcala and the extreme right. Accepting new cuts means removing Compromís from budget agreements and clearly betting on strengthening a stable alliance with the ultras that only seek to weaken the policies related to the defense of human rights.

From Ciudadanos, the deputy mayor and spokesperson, Mari Carmen Sánchez, defended the cuts in areas managed by her group in order to seek consensus: «We want to remove them with the maximum support. It would be great to reach unanimity. We are clear that some councils had to tighten their belts more, we must be collaborative and ensure the common good.

The PSOE and Compromís have been holding official negotiations with the bipartisan of Alicante, although especially informal with Ciudadanos, in which the withdrawal of the Ordinance of Begging and Prostitution was put as a “red line.” This document, despite the PP, remains a key piece in the future of the 2021 Budget, in addition to causing a clash between municipal areas. And it is that the harsh technical report of Equality, in which many aspects of the text promoted by the bipartisan were criticized, generated the response of Security, the area from which the now known as Ordinance of Civic Coexistence is officially promoted. This second report denies that “citizens are discriminated against”, also defending that it “ensures the protection of the most disadvantaged groups.”

Nursery schools: Vox allows approval of 2021 accounts

The Municipal Board of Infant Schools of Alicante carried out its Budgets for 2021 on Friday. The bipartisan relied on the abstention of Vox before the vote against the three left groups (PSOE, Unidas Podemos and Compromís). The progressive opposition criticized the absence of the project to build a third nursery school in the city, recalling that the Plenary of the City Council recently approved, and unanimously, the proposal to promote the creation of a third “escoleta”. However, the accounts do not register the project.

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